Friday, December 25, 2015

Easy Taxi offers free rides to women in Saudi for breast cancer checkups

It’s important to realize that no matter how effort or precautions are put in, there will still be certain diseases and illnesses that will continue. Most of us find it a shame to get a diagnosis over a disease that is severe. Instead, we find it easier and continue to feed ourselves that we are perfectly alright. How long can you continue with this? How long will you try to feed yourself a lie than knowing the absolute truth? When the time comes to accept it, sometimes it’s too late. In hope to change this particular perception that most women in the Kingdom face, Easy Taxi in collaboration with the Zahra Breast Cancer Association has taken a massive step.

The Zahra Breast Cancer Association has been striving for years and operating within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help spread awareness against breast cancer and also to encourage women to diagnose it in their early years, so that if need be, the treatment can be started as earliest as possible. The Easy Taxi’s general manager Eugen Brikcius talked about how they are overwhelmed to be associated with the Breast Cancer Association. They are privileged to help them make a difference within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Easy Taxi has come up with a brilliant plan to implement.

Throughout the month of October, all women passengers who use the services of Easy Taxi are given a breast cancer analysis and checkup. They are given free rides to do these checkups in selected hospitals in the cities of Jeddah and Riyadh. The Zahra Breast Cancer Association has made special arrangements for the screening for breast cancer which is bound to help women who are yet reluctant to get a diagnosis. The hospitals that have partnered to promote the cause are National Program for Early Detection and Abdullatif Center for Early Detection and Sheikh Mohamad Hussein Al Amoudi of Excellence in Breast Cancer which are situated in Jeddah and Riyadh.

Female passengers who are in for the detection must print the ticket that will be emailed to them by Easy Taxi. Apart from this, Easy Taxi has also announced in September that the company will offer a free ride in December to female voters when the municipal council elections will be conducted. Easy Taxi is trying hard for the voice of the women to be heard and is making sure that their plans would be implemented just as the Breast cancer awareness campaign is going strong. They have been sending free tickets almost regularly and selected hospitals have also shed light that there is a large crowd waiting every day to get themselves examined and diagnosed.

Such campaigns will not only motivate others to join the cause but will help women in particular take measures and steps against their illnesses. It’s equally important to take precautions, but there is no harm in checking for a disease that you might think you’ll never have. These are the perceptions that must change and hopefully more and more women will visit these hospitals.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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