Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Enough about Expatriates, what about Saudi Sponsors?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia calls in expats from around the globe every single year in numbers of thousands. These expats travel to the Kingdom in search of work, in search of a job that they couldn’t find within their own country. These expats that might either come from Islamic countries or from countries like the Philippines or India are all bound by the same rules and regulations when they enter the Kingdom. These expats aren’t very educated, not most of them at least. As they enter the Kingdom they look for jobs and work that can easily provide them with a better salary more than that they were offered back at home.

An important question to ask is, are these expats very well off? Were they able to afford the travel expenses when they first entered the Kingdom? As mentioned earlier, not every expat could. For the others, there was always the question whether the person they are about to let into the Kingdom for the purpose of work can be trusted by the government? That’s when the concept of a Sponsor comes in. These are people who are already associated with the government of the Kingdom and work and reside there. So, what exactly is a sponsor? They are the people who can take in people under their guarantee and give them a free pass within the country they are willing to travel.

A similar case is followed when one applies for a Visa to travel to the United Kingdom as well. The Visa department issues the Visa after being assured that the person they are about to issue a Visa for is by no means corrupt and can be trusted by the government of Saudi Arabia. For many decades, the expats that travel are blamed when news breaks out that some of them have run away from their sponsors. Can we actually just blame the expats over and over again who are now living in a land that is far away from their family and home? It’s important that we start realizing who the actual culprits are.

After interviewing a lot expats that are living within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it has come about to our knowledge that some of these sponsors not only scrutinize these expats but also leave them in such a difficult situation that even if they want to quit and return back home they are forced to stay there. These violating sponsors apparently charge the expats anything in between SR4000 to SR6000 in order for them to give them back their passports. Without the passport, no one can escape and even if they want to run away, they will have to look for jobs within the Kingdom that employ people without the check of passports.

For such people, their lives are already a living nightmare. All they can do is stay within the Kingdom, either with the sponsor or do whatever possible to earn lawfully to feed their families back home, even if in the process they must starve to death.

Source: Al Arabiya

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