Thursday, December 3, 2015

Expatriates are successful in Saudi Arabia, but why not Saudis?

When we talk about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are a lot of things that we must look and consider. Firstly, we must always acknowledge the fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is amongst the developed countries of the world because of their persistence and hardworking strategies towards remaining at the top of their table. They are in charge of the oil mills and gold mines that prove how rich their land is. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons why the Saudis consider themselves at the top of their game always. Maybe this is the biggest reason why the Saudis cannot adjust to the thought of establishing and building up their career from scratch.

It is extremely important to first look at and examines all the reasons why the expats that enter the Kingdom sometimes on short-term visit visas or through sponsors, manage to establish a business for them from scratch. Not only do they establish them, but also gain a lot of successes. The expats who enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia come from underdeveloped or third world countries. Their home country does not hold the resources to provide its people with jobs. The people are not even well educated or have very good skills, but as they come into the Kingdom they have a lot of open doors and opportunities to change their luck and carve for them a future.

Expats know exactly how much they had to struggle and how much their family relies on them, so they work day and night to establish for themselves a business. This helps them stay motivated and they know exactly what they need to achieve. Perhaps the expats do not even have a strong finance system to back them up, but they take in loans from certain Saudis who help them kick-start their business.

Sometimes we often hear that Saudis do work and have successful business chains, but maybe some people tend to neglect the fact that it must be the expats who work day in and out but give the name of the Saudis so they keep funding their business.  Another reason that affects why young Saudis do not enter the business is because they are not patient. They have grown in a society and atmosphere with their relatives and family being very successful and rich. They apparently think that they can manage, but there are certain conditions that don’t tend to help them ease those situations. 

Within the Kingdom, most of the Saudis are not used to work so much and maybe that is another reason they cannot manage their temper and keep themselves patient. If one must establish a business within the Kingdom or anywhere for a matter of fact, they must be hardworking and grow used to the fact that it won’t be a bed of roses. They would have to manage everything themselves and there will always be an essence of luck needed!

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