Friday, December 11, 2015

Free Education to 3,000 Syrian Students in Saudi Arabia – Salute to King Salman

The government of Saudi Arabia has recently decided to give 3000 Syrian students scholarships to study in different public academic institutions to attain higher education inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The MOE or Ministry of Education has given directions to 23 of the local universities located in the Kingdom to accept the number of Syrian students stated above. This order is for the academic year of 1436/1437 A.H. The sources at the Ministry of Education have stated that the scholarships being given out by the Saudi government have been granted under the directions of the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

These scholarships are also renewable if there is a need to do so. The standing committee which is in charge of looking over the matters of these scholarships is too be informed if in case any scholarship needs renewal. The sources also added that this great humanitarian and generous gesture from King Salman is in line with the fraternal bond found between the nations and the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Syria, the latter being engulfed by war and destruction. Sources from the ministry stated that the standing committee has also set out the objectives to be pursued by the scholarship program and have also developed the criteria, acceptance controls and mechanisms for admission.

The Ministry has also formulated the benefits which will be allowed to the students, determined the cost of the budget and also the distribution of these scholarship grants to the local academies and institutions for higher educations. This scholarship program has envisioned a development of the talent found inside the Syrian students as leaders, economists and scientists so that they may one day undo the damage done to their country by war and destruction.

The Syrian community living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, upon hearing this news, has expressed their deepest gratitude towards the humanitarian and generous gesture by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which. The Syrians in the Kingdom have stated that this move has not only helped the students by allowing them to learn, but also benefitted those who have been displaced by the war and those who have lost everything amidst the destruction of their homeland.

The scholarships which are to be given to the Syrian students will mean a lot to several of the young Syrians who still have dreams and ambitions which have been marred or tainted by the raging bloodshed, destruction and war in the country stated a Syrian who had left Syria with his family due to the ongoing war in the country. It is truly a great move by the Kingdom and should serve as a role model to other developed countries or any countries which can accommodate even a few of these refugees. The simplest reason I have for helping out another human being is that before these great nations decide to be sympathetic without opening their doors for refugees, they should try to be human.

Source: Arab News

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