Saturday, December 26, 2015

Gas Cylinder Distributors disturb the calm neighborhood

There are many services that the citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have to call in for, despite being fully facilitated by the government in hopes to make the lives of Saudis as easy and luxurious as possible. Despite all of this, there will always be certain issues and problems that will prevail and make the lives of certain neighborhoods a living nightmare during the day. One of these problems that now often neighborhoods complain about are the issues regarding the cooking gas suppliers. According to many people, they are not at all comfortable with these local gas suppliers to start ringing their alarms when the entire neighborhood is at rest.

The suppliers are actually illegal immigrants and hence cannot be charged. All that can be done is an action against them or perhaps a complaint that can be filed. The gas suppliers used to come into the neighborhood and tap the gas tanks with a screwdriver in order to notify all those homes that used their services. Accordingly, the cooking gas supplies were refilled and restocked. Now, people are beginning to complain that they arrive at any time during the day in between 9 am and 5 pm and play the sirens or alarms for as long and as loud as possible. This greatly disturbs the people since this is the time for most people to rest when they come home from work or school.

The people have tried their very best to lodge complaints, but no action has been taken. If they try to explain to these suppliers, they will carefully listen and still continue what they are doing or they will stop visiting that area. Other complaints that were raised against them were regarding how they supplied gas tanks in the day time while the sun and heat were at its maximum. There is no doubt that is very dangerous and it should be noted that even the traffic police haven’t stopped them from carrying out this practice that puts the life of many in danger. If the tanks were to burst in between, there would be no trace of what kind of car it was carried on. The explosion would be so severe that many lives would be at stake if an accident was to occur.

The National Gas and Industrial Co (GASCO) has had the control for gas supplying within  the Kingdom from as early as 1970. Since the Kingdom had begun to expand far and wide, by 1975 it became necessary for the company to take in some smaller companies that could be operated under Gasco and ensure better supplication of cooking gas throughout the country.

This made the use of calling in drivers to supply gas tanks and cylinders to certain neighborhoods, to ensure that people are all supplied with gas. Their steps and assurances are continued with, but it’s important that the company should know about how these services are carried out displeasing not only their consumers but also a large number of people who have no concern with it directly.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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