Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Historical Saudi Sword sold for $1 million (SR 3.75 million) in France

Auctioning is one of the liveliest customs found in the world. Through this, people can get a hand over the most precious and historical artifacts, paintings, belongings of important figures etc. just by paying the maximum possible bid offered within the room of possible buyers. This has been an old custom that has outlived and still continues on strong.  One of the recent auctions that were held in France left everyone shocked and dismantled by not only the item available for auctioning, but also by the amount that was paid for it. A rare Sabre was placed at an auction in France earlier which was a mark of historical testimony. It was a modern-day creation Saudi Arabia which was sold for more than $1.2 million! The sword was originally gifted to the prince of Afghanistan, Ahmed Shah Khan by the Saudi King Abdul Aziz bin Saud back in the year 1932 when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established on May 5th.

The sword is made of pure 24 carat gold and steel. The handle of the sword is made from ivory, with a long curved blade. This was bought by a mysterious buyer over the phone who entered midway of the auction. This was all sold for about 955,400 euros exactly. This information was confirmed by the auctioneer Jean-Pierre Osenat. Along with this, the Sabre which also has a blade nearly 79 centimeters long was auctioned of separately to a private buyer. It must not be forgotten that the gift of a Sabre is very important in the Arab culture. It is a mark of friendship, prosperity and trust between the two who share the Sabre. It can also be said that Sabre which was auctioned, was perhaps a 19th century Syrian-made blade.

The importance of the blade cannot be exactly told since there were a lot of incidents regarding it. What still remained a secret was who had brought the 24 carat gold and steel blade. Since the blade has been auctioned, there has been a huge interest in the item from the middle eastern countries.

Such auctions prove to be very important not only on the basis of getting familiar with old artifacts and items, but also allows people to take interest in their culture and make. The bid of this particular Saudi Sword increased a keen interest and perhaps if more items such as the Sabre will be sold out within minutes no matter how high the bid may be.

Source: Al Arabiya

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