Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hospital demands SR 400,000 from Saudi daughter for the checkup of her Expat Father

The citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been always provided with great facilities by the government. Such include the free health facilities given to them by the government hospitals as being Saudi citizens. No matter how long the medical treatments may last, or how expensive, it will the responsibility of the government to pay it all off. Maybe, that is what a woman in the Kingdom thought when her father was admitted to a government hospital in the holy city of Makkah.

The father was victimized in a roadside accident after which he is yet unconscious. The father’s condition has not shown any signs of improvement, but what worries the daughter most is the bill that the hospital has asked the daughter which she must pay up. The hospital has asked the daughter to cough up SR 400, 000 on the earliest possible notice since the father is not a Saudi national and comes from a residence in Asia. The daughter who is 35 years of age has tried to use the free health facility offered to her by the government, for her father, but it was rejected by the hospital.

They said that the insurance was for only Saudi citizens and in this case, it belonged to the daughter and her alone. She could not ask for the hospital to use it for her father even if a legal document was signed. This wasn’t enough for the daughter to bear that now the hospital has claimed to the daughter that if she doesn’t pay up within the next few days, they will not release her father and the medical bill will increase. The daughter has tried her best to negotiate and tried to come up with some ways which leave her confused on what she should do next.

The hospital advised her to ask from charities and other organizations who can produce for her such a huge sum of money. It can only be imagined how the daughter may have felt now not being able to help the man who has put all the sacrifices in front of him for her. The daughter now goes from one organization and charity to the next hoping that someone would help her out so that the father can continue getting the care he needs in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital where he has been admitted since day 1. Perhaps there should be some plans and that will allow children like this woman who can help their parents at a time when they are fidgeting with life and death.

The feeling of hopelessness cannot be described. It is incomparable. Only one can know what the difficulties arise for such people who have been in their shoes. Parents are important, no matter whether they are Saudi or not. The hospital has even refused to release the father until the entire cost is not paid off.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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