Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hospital stole my kidney during operation after car accident – Saudi Boy realized after 2 years

There is no doubt in admitting that the crime rate within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia doesn’t overflow. Thanks to the tireless effort and planning of the government officials along with the King, Saudi Arabia tries to reduce its crime rates and makes sure that all those guilty be accountable for their sins in this life as well. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia emphasizes that their laws and regulations must be followed by each and every one living within the premises of the state.  However, now there has been a certain outburst from a hospital where a man threatens the hospital for answering his questions.

Al-Murshidi, who is uncle of a young man, asks the hospital for answers regarding the kidney of his nephew. Ghazi was admitted to the hospital nearly two years ago after being electrocuted. The hospital had informed his family that Ghazi needed to undergo surgery. The operation was a success, but Ghazi’s spleen was damaged according to the doctors so it had to be removed.  Two years later, Ghazi was involved in a car accident after which he was taken to the same hospital. For his treatment, another surgery had to be conducted. The surgery carried out as planned but as they opened Ghazi up, they were shocked to find out that he not only missed a spleen but also his left kidney.

After the family was informed, the uncle lashed out in fury at the director of the hospital who was just recently appointed. According to the new director, he does not know anything about the history of the case but he will do everything within his power to find out who was the culprit to this. This is a huge crime in the eyes of the Criminal Laws of the Kingdom and the person involved in this will have to go through charges, perhaps even jail time. We can’t be absolutely sure whether the young boy Ghazi has lost his kidney after the accident two years ago or perhaps he might have gotten it removed later on.

It is too much of an accusation and cannot be told whether the family is just trying to frame the hospital in order for their personal gain. The difficulties that the police and the hospital are facing is regarding jotting down which people were involved with the surgery of young boy Ghazi from two years ago. It was also advised to the family to file a complaint in the police since this is a criminal offence and perhaps the hospital will not be able to be of much help in trying to locate the kidney or who was involved.

Al-Murshidi has asked for a medical security team to be formed to enquire about the case since this is not the case of a medical error. All that be done now is hoped that the person involved in all of this be brought forward and justice be given to Ghazi. If the hospital was involved, they should offer a free kidney transplant to help Ghazi.

Source: Al Arabiya

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