Thursday, December 31, 2015

How Imam of the Grand Mosque Can Save Pakistan?

It’s always true to acknowledge the fact that Pakistan is one of Saudi Arab’s greatest Allie. Over the years, these two Muslims countries have shared a mutual understanding and have backed one another in difficult times. Since the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif rose back to power things have strengthened for Pakistan since he is a very dear and old friend of the Prince of Saudi Arabia. Earlier in 2013 the Prince visited Pakistan for the very first time and that was a milestone is Pakistan’s history. The friendship of the Prime Minister and the Prince has only deepened since they share mutual feelings over the betterment of the country of Pakistan. This is related to investing more in Pakistan and also purchasing more military assets from them.

What we must be keen to observe and point out is that the people of Pakistan are very easy to believe myths and rumors. There are many issues and problems that prevail the already developing country and if there were right strategies used around a year ago when the Imam of the Grand Mosque of Saudi Arabia arrived in the Kingdom, Pakistanis would have had an open mind and better grasp to come basic concepts that hinder its development and growth. You may ask that how can the Imam of the Grand Mosque make any change to the people of Pakistan? It’s very important to remember that the Imam remains a very important figure amongst the Pakistanis because of the common religion ground both share.

A year ago, the Imam of the Grand Mosque visited Pakistan and offered the completion of the Quran and Prayers in the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore. Thousands of people rushed to the mosque from different parts of the country and that was the magic that was worth seeing. It should have been important that if the nature of the Pakistanis remains as such that they tend to easily believe anything they hear, the Imam should talk about the importance of Iodized salt and polio vaccinations.

If the Imam would have told them that iodized salt will help save the mental health of the population of Pakistan, they would be at a better place and all those people affected by the lack of iodine in their systems would help increase the fluctuating economy of Pakistan.  Over the years, the Pakistan Health Organization has been implementing several plans which focus mainly over changing the wrong perception of the illiterate crowd of Pakistan who thinks that iodized salt is a conspiracy by the Western states.

Similarly, they have ignored the use of Polio and every day hundreds of children fall into the clutches of this permanent disease. Even now many Pakistanis continue to ignore the importance of Polio vaccinations and that helps dismantling the country day by day. If only had the Imam passed a few lectures regarding these issues after the prayers, the people present would have learned a great deal and would have easily followed what he said.

Source: Al Arabiya

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