Friday, December 18, 2015

Illegal Residents hide themselves in mountains of Makkah Neighbourhood

There were majority of residents complaining about a large number of illegal workers who are seen to harass other innocent people to use their services in Makkah’s Al-husseiniyyah district.  Residents were strictly against this coward act by the illegal workers who pushed and convinced the people to use their electricity, plumbing and other services.  A resident, ABDULLAH AL-ZAHRANI said that it is extremely saddening to see such illegal workers who stay in this country and continue their illegal acts because of the absence of supervision from the government departments.

He said that these illegal workers should be caught and raided since they are easily seen to be living in the mountains. AL-ZAHRANI said that they want to turn their neighborhood into a peaceful society where every individual can freely live.  The illegal workers live on the slopes of the mountains and have constructed wooden huts where they live, which undoubtedly increase the risk for innocent people living in that vicinity.  SAED AL-HATHLI, another resident from that area claimed that these illegal workers have controlled some roads and are living together as groups of the same nationality. He even said that there presence is a big threat not just for the families living there, but also a danger for the entire neighborhood.

The concerned bodies are not at all focusing on such cases. Even the visitors who visit this area at peak times see several workers in this neighborhood.  Col. SAMI AL-SAADI, who is the manager of the administrative officers for Makkah police, said that there are several campaigns being conducted by the security in almost the entire residential neighborhood and the police are working day and night to carefully and closely monitor any of such undocumented workers. No foreigner would ever be allowed to harass our people and carry illegal acts without an ID.

We know the fact that Saudis have harsh punishments and strict sharia law for any illegal activity. Although, terrorism or illegal activities in any part of the world can be controlled but not fully eliminated, Saudi laws are comparatively much stricter than any other country in the world, but this does not mean that no criminal activities take place. The Saudi government however, took the issue of threat to the Saudis very seriously, and have arrested several criminal in the recent years.

Even though the crime rate is quite low in Saudi Arabia, but some illegal activities are still seen in a few places. Every citizen has a right to live freely and stress-free and therefore proper departments should ensure that no such harassment or illegal activities of any sort take place. It is also every citizen’s responsibility to abide by the laws of Saudi Arabia while they are living there to prevent themselves from any future complications that may destroy their future. To reduce the chances of becoming a victim, no sign of affluence should be shown and making sure that all the personal belongings such as passports, visa, etc. are secure at all times.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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