Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Indian Housemaid loses her hand, accident or another torture case?

For years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes hundreds of expats from all around the world to work within their Kingdom since they are not offered any work or jobs within their country. Just as the rest, Kasturi Munirathinam from Vellore entered the Kingdom on July 28 to work as a housemaid for a Saudi family. She was appointed for the caretaking of the sponsor’s mother who was 70 years old. Kasturi herself was 55 years of age and worked at a pay of SR 1,000 per month.  The woman from Tamil Nadu situated in India came to the Kingdom because she was forced to work in order to support her family after they suffered great financial loss after the marriage of her three daughters.

One day Kasturi was found on the ground outside the house where she worked. There have been serious accusations regarding how the accident came into existence. Kasturi has been admitted in the hospital since Tuesday while the family who sponsored her is facing charges of torture. According to the sister and son of Kasturi, she was tortured by the Saudi Family.  According to the husband of the female employer, it was said that he found Kasturi locking herself in the room while her mother was offering Asr prayers. That is when Kasturi managed to tie bed sheets to the bed and tried to escape. During this, she slipped and landed on top of the electricity boxes that damaged her right hand and she ended up on the ground. Kasturi has undergone a series of surgeries and is making a steady recovery, but she has been deprived of her right hand.

The sister and son along with the Indian representatives within the Kingdom make accusations that Kasturi was tortured and, as a result, the female owner chopped off her right hand and that are when she jumped out of the window.  The investigation for the case has been ongoing and the Saudi family is called in for questioning since then. According to Nautiyal, a member of the Indian Embassy the government of Saudi Arabia hasn’t taken a steady action against the abuse of Kasturi.

According to the sponsor, he promises that Kasturi’s hand was amputated while she tried to flee and he or his family might have nothing to do with it. It’s important to keep in view that it is not possible that the hospital would try to hide things from the media, since there is a very strict policy within the Kingdom against anyone who tries to break the laws.

It may be true that Kasturi did try to flee in the short period of 3 months she worked at the house, but it might not be true that she was pushed or her right hand was chopped by the Saudi family. According to the son, Kasturi wasn’t even given food and wasn’t allowed to speak to her family on the phone. She was forced to work long hours and it’s hard to neglect the fact that the family may not have anything to do with Kasturi’s escape attempt.

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