Sunday, December 27, 2015

Is your car’s airbags going to save you or KILL you?

Vehicles that include cars and different kinds of Audis are now the top most wanted and needed modes of transportation. They are purchased by people if they can afford it to give them a luxurious lifestyle and make their lives a lot easier than grabbing a bus or taxi on a regular basis to reach their work or school. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia facilitates millions of citizens and expats. Within the Kingdom, it is highly common to find thousands of Saudis who have a craze for vehicles and motors.  Just as any other hobby, they love to get their hands on the latest kind of car or vehicle that will act as their status symbol. Often at times, the cars that are up for sale within the Kingdom are bought from a local dealer who will let you know about all the flaws and edges of your car.

Though, it is worth noting and observing that most of the cars that are purchased are secondhand and are brought in from the United States. These cars are purchased on the buyer’s own responsibility and any flaws found within cannot be evident unless the car begins to create problems or show signs.  One of the errors that have come about the Kingdom related to the automobiles is the error within the airbags installed inside the vehicles. Genuinely, airbags are installed and built in all cars and vehicles to ensure the life safety of the passengers and driver during an accident or impact. The airbags pop out of the front of the passengers and drivers once the car automatically senses a large enough impact that could harm and cause danger to the passengers. Though, it can’t always be the case that the passengers will remain safe from these airbags.

The world is aware of the Takata airbag scandal that affected millions of airbags around the globe.  These airbags were all manufactured after the year 2000 and might have recalls of metal Shrapnel. These airbags could become the sole reason for the death of many passengers. It becomes the responsibility of the car owner to track down and know whether his vehicle is affected by the scandal.

The biggest issue for the owners is that they are unable to know if they have brought a secondhand car brought in from the United States. If the car was purchased locally, they would have gotten a call from the dealer and they could take fixture measures accordingly. So what can be done by the others?

There is always a solution for everything in this progressing century. There has been an online website designed that can be accessed to find whether you vehicle is affected or not. Just log onto the website that was created by NHTSA, put in your vehicle’s VIN number and within seconds you’ll know whether your car was affected by the recall or not. If it was, then you can replace the airbag with a new one and secure yourself and your family.

Source: KSA Motory    

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