Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It’s time to Improve Customer Services in Saudi Arabia

Every culture has prominent values on which they emphasize and are known for it through generations. The people of Saudi Arabia are known for being hospitable and welcoming; being a religious hub they welcome several pilgrims each year. Numerous Muslims from all over the globe visit religious places in Saudi Arabia like the Prophets Mosque and the Grand Mosque. Saudi Arabia being a country where they strongly abide by the Shariah Laws they believe they should be kind to the people around them. Being provided a religious aspect to why we should actively participate in customer service, Saudis are still not reaching their potential like several countries in Europe. Europe places high importance on customer service as it is part of their culture to help the people around them and provide opportunities regardless of the monetary gain.

Apart from the religious obligation of being helpful to our neighbors, in the modern economy this has proved to provide companies with an edge over their competitors. Every company wants to gain a competitive edge over their rival companies and to create loyal clients they provide exceptional customer service. Customer service is associated with the psychological aspect of human behavior. It is defined as the service provided to customers before, during and after a sale of good or service, the form of customer service varies from the product, service and industry design.  This not only encourages customers to provide feedback for companies which help them target any untapped area of the market proving to be profitable for them. This allows the customers to feel their opinion matters to the company which have a psychological impact on them resulting in becoming loyalists.

Several incidents have indicated how companies give customer feedback importance. One incident was about a three year old child who wrote a letter to a leading supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, Sainsbury’s. He wrote that they should change the name of their product Tiger Bread to Giraffe Bread as he suggested it resembled a giraffe instead of a tiger. Surprisingly, the idea was considered and they change the product name and announced the request to reflect how seriously they take customer feedback into consideration.

Another incident was about an auto repair shop in America which sets an example for the Ministry of Commerce and the Automobile Industry. The shop gives out postcards to their customers thanking them for choosing them and place emphasis on their after sale service stating that they should feel free to contact them if any problem occurs.

This helps impact customers on an emotional level, for instance a flight was delayed so that a mother could see his son and hug her before the departure. This gesture was carried out by United Airlines. Customer service is not only essential for companies to become profitable but every individual should focus on it to allow the economy to prosper. It provides an opportunity for companies to capture the market and ensure the customers are secure.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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