Thursday, December 24, 2015

Jazan Police arrested a Teacher for lodging repeated complaints

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most and top developed countries of the world that continues to expand its horizons on a regular basis. They bring in projects and plans to modernize the land that outsiders think to be only able to hold deserts and transportation systems as camels. That’s not how really the Kingdom is and the government and ministries can manage to do everything to change the way these stereotypes think. Perhaps not many people will openly accept that the Kingdom hosts some of the amazing records and building projects. Amongst one of them is an SR 500 million project that is related to the Jazan Police.

The project has seemed to carry on its construction and execution as smoothly as possible, but it has greatly interfered. The lodging of complaints over and over again by the teacher has put himself in great difficulty. He was arrested by the Jazan Police for this reason. He was accusing the JAzan Roads Administration of construction using corruption and foul play in one of the projects. According to the teacher, they are changing the routes to make them shorter wrongfully.  As a counter back to the accusations, the Ministry of Transport intervened addressing all the concerned ministries and authorities. They said that they are simply wasting the time of the officials who are accused on these complaints.

Frustrated, the Abu Arish Police filed a complaint against the teacher and action was taken up almost immediately. This case has been about 4 years old. Back then the Transport Ministry earmarked roads that led to the residential development area which complexes in Jazan at a total cost of SR 599 million in accordance with the consulting contract at SR 5 million. After the plan surfaced and was analyzed, work began. The teacher then filed several complaints about and over again addressing to the Transport Ministry, The Anti-Corruption Commission, and other governmental parties.

The teacher put forward complaints accusing the contractor that he was changing the gravel road wrongfully against the approved plans of the Ministry. He continued filing the same complaint over and over again until any response was given to him. To what the teacher thought was a way for them to sit and discuss his complaints, they called him in and took their frustration out on him accusing him that he is wasting the time of everyone and his complaint wasn’t legit and strong.

The Head of the Jazan Roads Administration, Nasser Al-Hazimi said that the teacher did not just have one complaint but put forward a bunch over and over again. It seemed that he did not want the project to continue at all. He was arrested because he was interfering in matters that did not concern him and through this he would stop bothering the officials and ministries who are working day and night to implement the plan.

Source: Arab News

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