Friday, December 18, 2015

Jeddah sinks again due to heavy rainfall, who should be blamed?

Rain considered as the blessing of Allah is no more a blessing for the people in Jeddah. The massive amount of rainfall every year has turned the rainy season into a living nightmare for the residents of Jeddah. The excitement associated with the notion of rain is now replaced by fear as the rain brings uncountable problems for the people as there is no proper system of evacuating water. When the weather report announces the rain coming everyone starts praying for safety and protection.

According to the latest survey, 57 million cubic meters of water was amounted to fall in the form of rain during last rain in Jeddah. The dams that were built to cater the flood water back in 2011, after the recent rainfall, reached up to 49 million cubic meters of water. Although the overwhelming flood that effected Jeddah in the year (2011-2012) were well managed by the construction of tunnels and pipes which were supervised by the Saudi Oil Company (Aramco). Due to the current need, in order to stop Jeddah from sinking the 60 km ring of tunnels that was dug during the reign of King Faisal, has been stretched out to 300 km. There are different projects that are being operated in the city of Jeddah to deal with any kind of flood alarming situation due to heavy rainfall. Aramco and Makkah Emirate have initiated the flood project which is different from the storm water project supervised under Jeddah Municipality and Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

The public seems uninformed about the projects that are working to control the flood water during the heaving rainy season. And when it rains, despite of all the planning, Jeddah sinks into water. Therefore, the media and the other related departments are taken to task by people on social media. The public expresses their rage in the form of bitter comments on the social networking sites against all the departments working on controlling the water levels in rainy season.

The departments include Civil Defense department Police forces, Traffic police, Red Crescent as well as the numerous volunteers who helped and supported state and private organizations’ efforts. Due to the prediction of the heavy rain in the last week, Crisis Management Center warned public against going out, except for any emergency purposes. Although the flood levels this year that have been lower than previous years but the residents Of Jeddah have to face the similar hardship that they faced during the heavy flood back in 2011-2012.

People have to stay in houses as roads and streets were over flowing with rain water. Many of the resident’s property was washed away by the flood water. Thereis a dire need of constructing a well-planned infrastructure to combat the flood water effectively in the coming years. No matter, many projects are working simultaneously but people suffer every time when it rains .The citizens are clueless who to blame as they encounter hazardous situations frequently when it rains in Jeddah.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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