Sunday, December 20, 2015

Kuwaiti Pilot caught red-handed with Porn Actress in the airplane cockpit

It was quite upsetting to see a Kuwaiti pilot entertaining an adult British actress in his cabin and that too, in his national airlines. They were both caught together, having drinks at 33000 feet height. It was shocking news for many and left people wondered about why the pilot allowed the actress to even enter the cabin where no other passenger is ever allowed. The Kuwaiti pilot even entertained the actress by singing songs that included Toni Braxton’s unbreak my heart and the lion king’s hakuna matata. He even asked them to sit on his knees while he flew the plane. However, according to a report, the ex-actress said that the pilot did not drink alcohol; however, he did smoke around 40 cigarettes throughout the journey.

According to the actress, he was even showing her what each of the buttons in the cockpit were used for and said that it was absolutely fine to touch any of the button since the plane flew itself. The Kuwaiti airlines said that a full investigation would be carried out to know why the pilot invited the actress in his cabin. When the case was published in the British media, the Kuwaiti pilot was in Bangkok when he was immediately called back, for the case to be solved.  This shameful act of the pilot proved quite harmful for him too, since he was demoted from his position as a captain to ‘ASSISTANT PILOT’.

This decision literally shook the Kuwaitis from the core who never thought such serious action to be taken against an experienced pilot. The minister emphasised on urgent investigation, especially after the pictures that circulated everywhere. A strict action was to be taken if the pilot was found guilty. This decision was taken by the transportation minister Eisa Al Kindari after complete investigation report submitted to the parliament.

However, the cabin crew were totally blank about the entire situation because they did not see what happened inside the captain’s cabin. There were some passengers sitting in the front seats, who stated that they did see a woman entering and coming out from the cockpit over and over again. The pilot was seen to be joking, laughing and teasing the ex-actress near the cockpit. It was a source of concern for many, since it could affect the flight navigation.

It was however, not only ethical violation of the rules and regulations, but was about the unprecedented security breach too. Such actions should be strictly dealt with, along with serious punishments to be given to the guilty. These acts are not only against the rules and regulations, but are a severe threat to the innocent passengers travelling. Since pilots play an important role in safely taking the passengers to their designated places, strict punishments should be kept and given to those who perform such shameful acts, so that the others learn from them and know the importance of flying with hundreds of other helpless passengers aboard.

Source: Emirates 247

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