Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nearly 10 Saudis change their name every day

Dissatisfaction with one’s name is a common problem seen throughout the world, but most evidently in Saudi Arabia. It was recently seen in a report that stated, around 10 Saudis change their names everyday majority of which are women, making a monthly average of 240 women.  Women opt for name changes in order to keep more appealing names that makes them believe and give them a confidence that they look more beautiful.  According to an informed source at the interior ministry’s agency for civil affairs, the individuals are seen to change their names so that the name they keep looks modern and distinguished, but they especially take care to keep names that do not effect Islamic laws and prevent social taboos.

The people who change their names are often seemed to feel ashamed of the meanings their names have. Many young Saudis are changing their names to be trendier and are therefore rejecting their birth names.  However, majority of Saudi women are seen to change their names as a way to celebrate their graduation or wedding.  The definition of names is no more a predetermined title in one’s life, but in fact represents one’s form of expression or personal choice. However, especially in Saudi Arabia the name changers must be very careful since 50 blasphemous names have been recently banned in Saudi Arabia by the interior ministry, for opposing the religion and culture of Saudi Arabia.

Besides banning of more than 50 names in Saudi Arabia, the ministry of education has recently executed curriculum teaching children about the importance of a good name. The parents throughout the kingdom have also been asked to give such names to their children that go in line with the actions of the prophet Muhammad, who was seen to change several companions’ names due to their poor meaning or feeling.

In the past few years, Saudi Arabia has seen to be executing more rules, specifically applying to an individual’s names. An individual’s name has a lot of impact on his or her living in Saudi. With every passing day, many individuals are seen to be changing their names by deed pole. The current trend of names changing is a result of weak personalities and therefore the individuals who are seen to be changing their names, do so only to find the inner peace in their new names.

Names are however, a beautiful gift that a child receives from his or her parents for the first time and should, therefor be taken as a symbol of happiness and acceptance. A name connects a person to his mind and reflects the environment in which a child was born into. A child should always have names that have positive connotations so that it positively reflects on his or her happiness that would eventually lead to a confident child, but should of course be according to Saudi rules and regulations to live a problem free life in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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