Saturday, December 19, 2015

New Indian Labor System is Unfair – Saudi Employers claim

The e-Migrate system introduced by the Indian government on June 1st aims to minimize the number of fraudulent jobs offered, which is criticized by many Saudi Officials. This law is called the new labor law which is implemented from Oct. 18, as told by Saudi Press Agency on Saturday. The new labor article consists of 38 amended Articles which are finalized by extensive research. Most of the amendments focus on disciplinary procedures, and cover training, privileges, labor contracts, women employment, and inspection mechanism. The ministry will put the law into work and select best models for organizing work environment based on international practices in this field. This latest e-Migrate system regulated by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) makes it obligatory for all the recruitment agents and employers to enroll at the e-Migrate site ( The same website will be used to upload contracts to hire the Indian workers.

Chairman of the contractors committee at the Council of Saudi Chambers, Fahd Al-Hammadi, pointed out the new system as “unfair” and demanded for recruitment of potential workers from other countries including Nepal and Bangladesh. According to Al-Sharq Arabic daily, Fahd Al-Hammadi said “We are dependent on our own system for reliable recruitment. As a country we have right to recruit any other national who would be suitable to work in Saudi Arabia.” He further told that he has repeatedly requested the Ministry Labor to seize the issuing of the Visas for Indian workers.

Charge d’Affaires at Indian Embassy in Riyadh, Hemant Kotalwar, told Saudi Gazette,” We don’t want to stop the recruitment process, in fact we want to make it more reliable.” He added that the process is very effective to make the recruitment procedure more comprehensive and transparent. Fadel Al-Bouainain an Economic analyst, told the news that India is not interested to export skilled workers because of the better economic conditions so it has set “temporary recruitment conditions.” “Although Kotalwarhas previously mentioned that India is not a labor exporting country, he clarified that the reliable e-Migrate system has not affected the hiring of Indian workers abroad. He further added that according to the latest research the number of Indians in Saudi Arabia has grown from 2.75 million to 2.93 million in one year.

Indian Consul General B.S. Mubarak, defending the e-Migrate system said that it will help stop the substitution of contracts whereby some recruiting agents in India intentionally misinform workers about their contract and salary packages. They asked the workers to sign a contract with higher wage structure and when they reach Saudi Arabia they found that their real salary package was unsatisfactory.

The e-Migrate system will keep the workers well informed about their wage structure prior to their arrival to Saudi Arabia. They will be well aware of the condition before they will depart from India. All the workers under ECR (Emigration Check Required) status will be covered by the e-Migrate system.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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