Wednesday, December 9, 2015

People missed Juma prayer in Hail, as Imam of mosque overslept

The Friday prayers are an important part of the Islamic culture, not only in Saudi Arabia but amongst any country where Muslims reside. The Friday prayers offer a common ground for Muslims to stand side by side, just as the regular prayers, but also listen to sermons that give them guidance and enlighten them about some common issues and their solutions to them. It is not allowed for a Muslim to miss the Friday prayers. In most Islamic countries, during “Jummah” prayers all shops and business is closed down. There is no permission of any trade or work to carry on during that period and all shops and offices remain shut.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that is how things are run and done. They have always put religion first and then comes everything else. They have established their laws and regulations so that people stay connected to the one true Faith no matter how many others may seem to drift away from it. They do whatever is possible and they also make sure that there will be people who could guide them regarding all the matters of Islam and religion.  Despite all the necessary measures and precautions, there was one particular mosque in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that did not give the Friday Sermon.

According to people living in Hail, they were not able to offer the Friday weekly prayers in the local mosque because the Imam had failed to show up. It can become very strange to hear that the one man who is supposed to lead a thousand others in prayer fails to make his appearance at the time when he is most expected to. It was told to the faithful in the mosque that the Imam had overslept and by the time he reached the mosque, they had already offered the regular Zuhr prayers led by the Moazzin.

One cannot entirely blame the Imam that he made a mistake that was unpardonable. The only mistake perhaps was there was no other Imam available to take his place. The in charge of the mosque said that there was no one else available on such short notice. Due to this, so many faithful Muslims had lost a Friday sermon about which they were very disheartened. Not only them, but the homes within that area also complained how their homes did not echo with the Friday Sermon this week.

All this could have been avoided if only the mosque did not just have one Imam within their reach to lead the Friday congregational prayers. The head of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs for the region talked about how they will take matters into their hands and find out ways to resolved the matter. They also said that they will take serious action against the Imam. The complaints did not end here, the worshippers were critical about the fact that how they could not find anyone to even deliver a short sermon. Such was the condition of the Mosque in Jeddah.

Source: Arab News

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