Saturday, December 19, 2015

Philippine sends its sick workers to Saudi Arabia - GCC Council of Health Ministers

According to a top GCC healthcare official, the recent action taken by the Philippine government to cease the electronic system for authorized centers for the medical examination of potential candidates for recruitment has created uncountable problems. Lack of proper examination on the part of the Philippine government has resulted in many negative consequences as most workers are found unwell and sick. Director General of the executive bureau of the GCC Council of Health Ministers, Dr. Tawfiq Khoja, told that since the Philippine government did not carry out an authentic medical examination of the workers, more and more workers majority suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure are arriving in the kingdom and as well in the adjacent gulf countries.

The jurisdiction of the council is no more responsible to carry out the medical examination of prospective workers and this decision was taken by the Philippine Government in the beginning of the year 2015. Soon after the implementation of this decision, many Philippines workers suffering from various chronic diseases started entering Saudi Arabia. Khoja added, “Due to this step taken by the Philippine Government every Philippine is free to get his/her medical examination done from any medical center. No matter, the worker holds the right to select any health center to get done with his/her medical examination before traveling to the Gulf countries for employment purposes.

He condemns the Philippine government action against the medical examination of the workers and pointed out that this issue has created a lot of problems for people in the Kingdom. Now any Philippine worker can easily get a falsy health report or can manipulate with doctors at any health center to get his work permit easily. The number of Philippines worker is increasing day by day in the kingdom as their medical reports represent positive results and no issues. He said that the situation is getting worst as more and more workers are travelling to Saudi Arabia.

There are greater chances of fraud and drudgery on the part of the workers who are willing to get job in the kingdom no matter by false means. According to the latest survey, Saudi Arabia is currently the largest country that hires Filipinos and therefore has the largest Filipino population in the Middle East. They are found employed in all the fields including medical professionals, automobiles workers, marketing managers and sales person, telecommunication and transportation companies. Khoja said,the executive office of the GCC Health Ministers’ Council no longer contains any authorized record of Filipino workers who have been examined and labeled perfectly fit to work in the kingdom.

Due to absence of clear mechanism to scan the unfit candidates, many workers holding fake health reports easily get in in Saudi Arabia. A huge number of Saudi citizens have launched complaints against their recruited Filipinos workers who are found suffering from various diseases including Diabetes and High blood pressure. They told that the workers are too feeble to perform households chores and therefore they need frequents visits to the doctor.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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