Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Problems faced by Children due to unregistered marriages of Expat Parents

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia holds a large number of expats. They enter the Kingdom for work opportunities that are not offered to them within their own country. These expats are either sponsored by Saudis, or they enter by chance on their own responsibility. Most of the people in the Kingdom are largely populated by the number of expats from Indonesia, Philippines, India, and Pakistan etc. They have no particular interest towards a Saudi citizenship, but instead they want to earn and establish a business for themselves.

During their stay, the try to enjoy all the resources that are offered to the expats by the Saudi government, but they perhaps ignore some very important rules and do what it not allowed. One of these problems includes the rising issue of undocumented marriages of expats within the Kingdom. The male expats look for either divorced or unmarried housemaids or females who work at beauty salons. The expat women are mainly from the Philippines or Indonesia and agree to marriage because that will help them lower their living costs within the Kingdom and make it easier for them to send more money back home.

The important question is, why do expats agree to undocumented marriage when the government allows them to marry under the laws of Saudi Arabia? When interviews were conducted with certain expats who have followed a procedure of undocumented marriage, it became known that this way they are not obliged to follow the rules and laws of the government regarding marriage. Since the expats that enter the Kingdom come from diverse backgrounds and religions, undocumented marriage gives them to be legally married under the Islamic law that only requires the documents of both male and female, along with 2 male witnesses.

If there is no issue raised by the government regarding undocumented marriage, then why are there effects? The reason is that when two people tie the knot, they somehow fail to consider the fact that once they have children, they will be deprived of the rights that the children of the Kingdom would get. Since the marriage is undocumented and not within the records of the Kingdom, the documents of the child will not be generated which will mostly affect his insurance policies and deprivation from education in any school within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The government of Saudi Arabia takes strong action against the parents of the child who is deprived of education and other valuable resources including health checkups. Till the moment the child arrives, everything runs smoothly for the two spouses, but later things drastically change and affect their lifestyles and responsibilities. It’s highly recommended and advisable to the expats who follow the procedures of undocumented marriage to think about the future as well. They should not think about what seems easier and better for them, but also take a good thought over what would prove to be better for their children and the family as a whole if they wish to continue living within the Kingdom.

Source: Arab News

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