Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Producer of blasphemous film against Islam and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W embraces Islam

A very controversial topic a few years back was the Dutchman who had produced a film about Islam and its Prophet. It was a revolutionary phase in modern Islam as Muslims all around the world expressed that they would not tolerate anything of such manner against their religion. This encouraged a lot of anti-Islamic groups to emerge. Arnoud van Doorn is the former politician from the anti-Islamic Dutch Freedom Party of Gert Wilders who has recently converted to Islam and has carried out extensive study and understood the principles that base the foundation of the religion, Islam.

He found eternal peace when he performed his first Hajj and deeply regrets being the one to produce hateful films based on Islam and the Holy Prophet and his Hajj being a road to ask for forgiveness for his sins as Allah is the Almighty and ever forgiving. Arnoud van Doorn regrets showing hostility to the great religion, Islam. Arnoud van Doorn has faith in Allah that his heartfelt apologies will help wipe out his sins. After his production of the hateful film and the negative response he attained from all over the world, he decided to have an in-depth study of the religion, to read and understand the religion. He has announced that he will soon produce a film which will reflect the true essence of Islam with the correct facts about the Holy Prophet. He further says that the information he had obtained were from unreliable sources and he deeply regrets portraying such a peace loving and pious religion in the way that he did.

In Islam, Hajj is considered to be a noble pilgrimage where after a Muslim has successfully completed his obligations has wiped off all sins he/she had committed in his life. The entire pilgrimage is designed in a manner where you ask for forgiveness and are reminded of historical events to make us realize that Allah alone is the Supreme authority and only he can forgive us. We are cleansed of all our bad deeds and begin a new life based on the principles of Islam.

Arnoud van Doorn states that ever since he has arrived in the holy city, he feels he is living the best days of his life and would love to spend his lifetime in Madinah. He shared his experience from when he visited the Holy Prophets grave and how ashamed he felt of portraying such a wrong image of the noble man he was. He regretted the decision of making a sacrilegious film and throughout asked for forgiveness from Allah.

The man who had caused utmost pain to the religious leaders and instigated anti-Islamic movements all around the world has finally come to terms with the beautiful religion Islam and now understand the history of Islam and the importance of the last Prophet sent by Allah in our religion. Islam has the power and facts which can melt the coldest hearts and the ones made of stone.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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