Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saudi Binladin Group to terminate 15,000 Employees this year

Earlier this month, media broke a huge announcement that put the families of 15,000 workers at stake. Binladin group of companies announced that they shall cut back 15,000 employees working at their company. This will tarnish not only the careers and lives of the employees who shall be asked to leave but will also be a sudden setback to the infrastructure and workforce of the Binladin Group. 15,000 employees from different sectors shall be fired because they wish to utilize more machinery and also make sure that they can save as much of their assets as possible.

15,000 workers is a fraction of the total workforce associated at the Binladin Group of Construction Company in Saudi Arabia. The drastic change and announcement are somehow connected to the Crane  crash earlier in September in the Grand Mosque that took the lives of 107 pilgrims and locals. According to reports, the crash of the crane was blamed on a dust storm. The reason was accepted because of the prevailing weather conditions during that time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to Binladin’s LinkedIn, there are currently 200,000 workers associated with the company that look over all the major and minor technicalities.

Another possible cause for the decision relies on the government’s reaction to the toppling of the crane, suspending the Bin Laldin company from taking in any new contracts. The government imposed that the company did not fully secure the crane hence they are much responsible for the lives lost. In response, the company stood silent and did not even issue a public statement. Similarly, according to the laws passed back in 2011 that made sure that the private sectors are more run by the Saudi Citizens making it very difficult and expensive for the construction and other firms to bring in and hire foreign workers which have indeed pressured the industry.

People have begun to raise fingers at the company claiming that they have been in the urge in trying to make sure that the blame can be put on those workers who have been asked to leave rather than the company itself. Such a huge setback put forward is bound to cause difficulties and give rise to man questions which perhaps the company would be in no situation or mood to answer since they would be deeply engulfed in the journey to stabilize their company that was hindered by the experiences faced over the past months. The company also said that they would cut back workers from their offices situated in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dubai.

Source: Al Arabiya

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