Thursday, December 31, 2015

Saudi Father and Son marry Two Sisters in Jeddah

Some of the news that hit our ear dreams cannot scare us and any more than this. This week, social media has been flooded with the news about a 70 year old man who ended up marrying a young woman in the city of Jeddah. Marriage is a very important decision that involves two families and each of their future despite only two of them tying the knot. However two certain families in the Kingdom did not find it unusual to wed of two daughters in the same house. Perhaps this wouldn’t have been odd, but the fact both father and son married two sisters is quite disturbing to hear.

A young man wanted to marry a woman he was deeply in love with. This wasn’t his first marriage and thus his decision faced much discussion and contradiction by his first wife and mother. They both were not in favor of the marriage and hence tried to convince the man to drop the idea, but he couldn’t convince his heart as he was in love with the woman he wished to marry. After convincing the father of the man, they decided to call of the engagement in a proper manner. The father who was 70 years old visited the compound of the girl to call off the engagement. During his visit, he came across a woman in their home who was busy serving tea. The father asked the father of the “bride-to-be” who she was.

Apparently, that was the sister of the “bride to be” and was in her 30’s. She was divorced and hence was living with her family.  The father had shown deep interest in the young woman who was 40 years younger than him. He offered the family another marriage proposal. This time, he asked the hand for his other daughter not for his son, but for himself! Rather than calling off the engagement of his son, he ended up marrying the sister in law of his son. Both the mother and first wife were shocked when the father came home married hand in hand with the bride’s sister in law.

Not only that, but the son was deeply in shock as what happened in just a few hours. Over social media, there has been a wide amount of criticism. Women and men both quarrel over the disturbing incident.  They have asked what caused the family of the woman to wed their daughter to a man who is old enough to be her Grandfather. Was it right for the family to wed their daughter off since they were aware that no one would take her in otherwise because of her previous failed marriage?

There I no doubt that there are certain conflicts that the family are fighting with. The mother now is bound to welcome another daughter in law along with her sister who shall share her old husband. The son who was to become a groom himself once again shall now make Valima preparations for his father.

Source: Gulf News

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