Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Saudi Juliet demands right to marry her Yemeni Romeo

Within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you may not be able find such news where a Saudi girl under all her senses and state of mind, flees her country and enters the country of Yemen to marry her lover. When we talk about the norms of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they are found very conservative for the females. They are tied and set in accordance with the laws and rules laid down in Islam. Since the Kingdom is the land of the Arabs from where Islam spread, it becomes its center hold.

Amongst the many rules and regulations that are established within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there will always be the barrier the woman is emphasized to maintain when amongst men, if amongst them ever. She is not permitted to drive and she cannot be seen outing with males. Then how can it be possible for a young, 22-year-old Saudi girl, be allowed to marry the man she loves, keeping in view that her family will not accept it? Where did Huda Al-Niran gain the courage to flee her country alone and protest against all the forces that become an obstacle?

There has been great media coverage over the incident. The United Nations has also taken great interest in the case and tried to put forward Huda’s case demanding that she shouldn’t face charges by the Yemeni court. According to insights, accusations have been made against the family of Huda that if she returns back home to the Kingdom, her family will make her life miserable. It was also said that Huda has had been beaten up in the past by her family. The girl took a huge step and crossed borders just to secure her future.

What has still not been elaborated is whether the Yemeni boy has convinced his family. Huda has gained a lot of support from the Yemeni woman as they stand by her in protests against the court. The court has the right to charge young Huda for entering the country of Yemen. The case against her proves to be strong and can permanently expel her from Yemen. She is not even allowed to stay in the country as an expat which might be able to help her. The United Nations did raise that the case is based on humanitarian crisis and it shouldn’t create any tensions of conflicts between the two countries.

What can be hoped for is that the hearing of young girl Huda proves to help her. One cannot completely support Huda for her action since she not only disappointed her family, but also took a huge step. What if Tahar doesn’t marry her? What will she do? She has closed down all options for returning home. The most that could be expected is that Huda be allowed to stay in Yemen and start afresh.

Source: Al Arabiya

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