Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Saudi man gets 30 Lashes and 1 week Jail for slapping and spitting on Wife

A husband was sentenced to jail and 30 lashes for slapping and spitting on his wife’s face in the Eastern province, reported by the local newspaper. The case was taken to the lower court where the ruling sentence was passed against the husband who slapped her wife in front of the other family members. The name of the individual is not being revealed by the media. As published on the online news website Sabq, the brother of the assault sister had filed a formal complaint against her husband’s ill-treatment towards her sister. She has become victim of domestic violence many times as reported by her brother. The brother added that her brother in law has very badly hit her sister on the face twice and the bruises are still present on her face as evidence.

At the court hearing the husband accepted the truth that he used to beat his wife. He added that “my wife use to go out without seeking my permission. Despite of telling her many times about the limits I had set for her. She never listens to all my advices and always follows her heart.” The court ordered the wife to follow the instructions given to her by her husband. According to law the husband has the right over her wife and can stop the wife from anything he doesn’t like. On the other hand the judge sentenced the man one week jail and 30 lashes. Domestic violence is becoming a major issue in the kingdom. Saudi government has passed a ban on physical violence and other forms of abuse against woman.

The legislation declared domestic violence as a criminal act. The ban includes penalties of a maximum 12 month jail sentence and fines of up to $13,000. Domestic violence remains a major concern in all countries around the world. Domestic violence is mostly directed towards women as they are ill-treated by their partners. On the outset many women hold the idea that man considers women as their property after marriage. The majority of the women who suffer from domestic violence don’t complaint about the misbehaviors of their spouses.

No matter, either it’s a Muslim or a non-Muslim society, it prevails everywhere and the statistics on this issue are alarming. In the light of Islamic teachings, Allah has ordered the man to hold their women in best treatment. The prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said, “The nobler among you in the sight of God is the most righteous among you.”

The Prophet (P.B.U.H) also taught that a husband’s treatment of his wife reflects a Muslim’s good character, which in turn is a reflection of his faith. The character of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) exemplified how one should be good to his wife. He should smile, not hurt her emotionally or physically, remove anything that will harm her, treat her gently, and be patient with her. He should communicate effectively with her, involve her in decision making and support her in times of difficultly.

Source: Arab News
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