Monday, December 14, 2015

Saudi Twitter users bombarded “Lomar” with tweets for introducing fashionable Hajj Ehram

As reported by the local news agency, a luxury brand catering both men and women apparel recently introduces Ehram basically a (hajj thobe) at an extremely exorbitant price. The hajj thobe manufactured by the brand LOMAR, is available obscenely at higher price. While the advertisement promised that the garment would ensure more comfort since it is made of “100 percent cotton,” the exorbitant price of the thobe usually worn during Muslims’ pilgrimage was met with disdain by Saudis who took to Twitter. The usual price for a hajj thobe, which is made of two pieces- the izar and the ridaa-, is between $8 and $13. Lomar, however, is selling its custom hajj thobe for almost five times the usual price, at $50.

Ehram is a code of clothing that every man has to abide by when preparing him for the Hajj. It is a plain simple white cloth that covers the body leaving some areas unveiled. It is obligatory for every Muslim man to wear Ehram before performing Hajj or Umrah. By wearing Ehram, a person attains a sacred state of Hajj and holiness. Associating the sacred white dress with sheer show of wealth and power is a very indecent step. As tweeted by Hashim: LOMAR unveiled a hajj thobe, what’s next? I think they should also debut a kafan [the cloth used to wrap the dead], that way everything would be bought at a certain price. What do you think? It is clear that Ehram is not a dress or luxurious apparel it represents the code of conduct of a person performing the sacred rituals of the pilgrimage of Allah.

As a Muslim simplicity is the best virtue. Introducing such an expensive Ehram doesn’t make any sense and hajj is not about wearing expensive and luxurious clothes. Hanifa Bashar, another member tweeted that unfortunately, and from experience, Lomar only cares about material gain and it doesn’t really care about customer satisfaction! Hajj teaches you the lesson of sacredness and purity and discarding the materialistic thoughts of the world. This is so ironic to associate the sacred and pious event with such immoral ideas.

Tabish tweeted: Whoever buys a ‘branded’ hajj thobe from Lomar or anywhere else has a serious superiority complex issue and needs to see a psychologist as soon as possible! The main purpose of Ehram is that it symbolizes equality, as anyone belonging to any cast, any race, any nationality wears the same white piece of cloth. This represents the idea that everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah. No matter that one is in a small house or a castle, he/she has to dress up same when entering the house of Allah.

Many other followers on the social network condemned the Lomar entrepreneur for debuting so expensive Ehram for their customers. Fashion trends keep changing and one can follow them but mixing fashion with religious events doesn’t make any sense. People should not buy such expensive Ehram as it not a mere show of your wealth, in fact it’s the waste of money.

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