Monday, December 21, 2015

SR 87 fee per passenger for entering and leaving Kingdom from Jan 2016

Airports and other facilities around the world all set a very minimal or nominal fee for providing their services and facilities to passengers arriving to or departing from the country or also those passengers who are just stopping over on their way to another country. Though not all airports charge such amounts, some of the more premium airports, such as those in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have to maintain their services and facilities and hence bring up such minimal fees. It is also common knowledge that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to one of the biggest expatriate workforce in all over the world, all of whom make their way to the Kingdom and also back home via these airports.

A recent announcement was made by the authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in which they claimed the commencement of a new fee or charge which will be effective starting the New Year. All inbound and outbound international passengers will now have to pay an additional SAR 87 fees for use of any and all facilities at the airport. This new charge will be placed on passengers starting from the 1st of January 2016. The General Authority of Civil Aviation also known as GACA has just announced that this new fee would be recovered from or charged to the respective airlines. This statement by the GACA had been announced in a press report which had been released on Thursday.

The report also stated clearly that all of the passengers who will choose to remain seated on their plane in their transit on to other destinations will be exempt from this new charge. Subsequently all those passengers who will change their planes and / or use the airport facilities will now be eligible to pay this new fee, due to the fact that stepping out of the airplane will now be considered as an arrival. If there is a delay in payment of the fee to use airport facilities by the passenger, the airport authorities in the Kingdom will be able to recover this fee directly from the airlines.

The report by GACA further stated that the GACA or General Authority of Civil Aviation can and will review this new fee onset every three years, keeping in mind and under consideration the rate of inflation. The report added that any and all airlines or carriers who fail to adhere to the new rule or fail in the payment of this fee will be subsequently penalized for doing so.

The General Authority for Civil Aviation had previously announced that a fee of SAR 50 will be applied on all of the international passengers entering the Kingdom. However it has been stated in the report by the General Authority for Civil Aviation that this fee of SAR 50 will not be claimed separately to the SAR 75 fee, which is set to be charged to the passengers as of the 1st of January 2016

Source: Arab News

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