Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The customer is always right, if he is wrong, refer to Rule #1

With the increasing trend of dining out in the Kingdom, more and more restaurants and cafes are serving food from local to all continental dishes. Diners are ready to pay the price for the scrumptious food that is served with balanced flavors and lavish assortments. Although there are number of new restaurants that are becoming popular in the kingdom but many Saudis are not happy about the poor customer service in Saudi Arabia. Different people experience different situations in the hotels, depending upon miscommunication with the servers. In many cases the diners don’t express their anger if the food is not up to mark, but the situation becomes very difficult if the customer becomes aggressive.

Since the evolution of social media, people find it very convenient to speak their hearts out using this platform for their complaints. Many regular diners write good and bad reviews about the food and the customer services of many famous restaurants. Sarah Youssef, a Saudi female aged 20 and lives outside Saudi Arabia, informed the Saudi Gazette that once she ordered pizza online from a very well-known pizza chain but the order was not delivered on time. It was almost 40 minutes late as it was supposed to be delivered on time. On waiting for so long she ultimately called the restaurant and asked for the delayed delivery. The customer services personnel told Sarah that the rider has already left and he must be reaching in 5 to 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes Sarah has to call again as the rider didn’t show up on the mentioned time but again the customer service’s personnel requested her to wait until the rider arrives. Sarah has already informed them that she needs the pizza on time as her husband would leave for his classes. The customer service’s personnel assured her that she will get her pizza delivered on time.  Finally the rider came and Youssef found the pizza as cold as ice therefore, he tweeted bad views about the pizza chain on twitter. The pizza company called to apologize and told Sarah that she should launched a complaint on the website but Sarah didn’t receive any response from that complaint yet.

Waheeb Al-Dakhil, an employee working in one of the media channel, told that he went into a restaurant to order SR20 meal. He was charged extra Riyal, when he asked for extra food. He refused to pay the extra Riyal and inquire the waiter but there was no response. Then he reported to the Ministry of commerce and then the investigation began.

After the extensive investigation the restaurant was shut down for a week as an action was taken against the restaurant by the Ministry of Commerce. The regional manager of the restaurant personally managed to negotiate with Waheeb offering him free meals for a month if he drops off the complaint he launched against the restaurant. Waheeb Al-Dakhli suggest that there should be proper training of the customer services personnel to deal better with the customers queries with satisfactory responses.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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