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Top reasons why HAIA (Mutawwas) hold people….

In the early 1980s, the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice was created by the Saudi King. According to the layout of the committee, all employees serve at the pleasure of the King, currently King Salman. The Saudi government believes that it is their utmost responsibility to maintain Islamic standards in the society; they regulate and enforce the Shariah Laws on all citizens without any exemptions for the citizens. The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice is responsible of regulating the Islamic morality in the society or to assist in arresting or helping secure individuals who indulge in activities that violate Islamic values and principles.

The organization consists of around 3500-4000 members who patrol the city at all hours. Their task is to enforce the Islamic Shariah Laws as defined in Saudi Arabia. To top it off, they have the power to arrest anyone who might indulge in activities like prostitution, homosexual acts, unrelated male and female socializing, fornication, un-Islamic attire, selling or purchasing prohibited food and store closure during prayer. They believe their society and economy cannot proper if there are such activities being conducted around them.

  • Over the past year, over 76% of the cases presented to the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, commonly referred to as Hai’a is Saudi Arabia were involving prayer, either any activity related to the time of prayer or any activity during prayer
  • 24% of the cases were about moral issues, as per the standards defined by the Shariah Laws the Saudis follow. Distribution of this 24% is given below;
  • 12.11% of the cases dealt with behavior, 2.69 percent of the cases were based on commercial issues
  • 11.8% involved misbehavior in public places and a minute section of the cases were about the trade of intoxicants and publications of biased or anti-Shariah literature.
Several lectures and seminars have been organized to create awareness of the Sharia Laws. Around 8,964 such events have taken place in 13 areas all across the Kingdom with the city of Asir having the most number of seminars, 1,609 sessions. They are trying to provide knowledge so that people would realize how it affects the society and tells us of the punishments for those practices by Allah. Man usually forgets that he has to one day answer Allah and this organization ensures that people in Saudi Arabia are abiding by the Shariah Laws.

The current president of the organization, Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Adbullah Al-Sanad, has also launched several training programs for the benefit of employees throughout Saudi Arabia. His target is to provide knowledge to the employees and will approximately target 17,600 trainees and will be informed of the field work, Islamic Law, administrative practices and the concerned regulations. He has unites established to combat crimes which are committed online with the help of information technology experts. The portal is also used to register complaints and the organization undergoes investigations.

Source: Arab News

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