Friday, December 4, 2015

Unexplored Romantic Instincts of Saudis, explored by Radio Shows

What would be your reaction if you are listening to a radio show in which a Saudi husband is prompted to call his wife live on air and tell her sweet things about her? Will you find it more romantic as the host encourages the husband to be more expressive about his love for her wife? The type of radio and talk shows on aired nowadays immensely contradicts with the fundamental principles that constitute the Social and moral values of the Islamic state. Outwitting the society is an unethical act that is disapproved by all the important institutions of the state. The indecent mode of entertainment that doesn’t match the true standards of the Saudi society fades away very quickly from the listeners’ memory. Many local listeners are becoming victim of the FM channels irrelevant activities as they have misunderstood the broadcasting role.

In order to generate highest ratings many radio jockeys just cross their moral and social limits while addressing the listeners. There is a visible error in the idea of transmitted words that is designed to tickle the feelings and emotions of the youth. The very common trait of non-flexibility associated with Saudi husbands is well perceived by everyone. Ironically, this image has been just created by the media portraying a Saudi man to be very unromantic to their wives. The Arab hosts on many radio and television shows push the husbands to express their love and this is an old trick of getting improved ratings. But these tricks and tactics were intentions revealed especially with the Saudi tweeters ranking No. 11 internationally among the most romantic Arabs in the virtual world.

Fortunate enough, the Radio and the Television Commission took an action against the host and demanded explanation on the part of listener. If the announcement  about the banning of Mix FM station is true it reinforces the fact that the society still holds the same mindset of moral and social values and this indecent act was an individual self-created notion based on lack of experience and education. Possibly, the action taken against the host sets an example of following a certain code of conduct for other Radio and Television hosts.

As mentioned clearly by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), there’s a huge difference between crossing the boundaries of social decency while negating Islamic teachings and educating people through media outlets about the importance of treating their wives with kindness as an ethical practice. There is no evidence that proves that the Saudi husbands are less generous to their wives as compared with husbands belonging to other nationalities.

All the husbands being the care taker and guardians of their wives follow the teachings of Islam as practiced by our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Still today the Saudi husband is best in the eyes of his wife  as he treats his wife according to Allah’s will and implement  the teachings exemplified  by our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Saudi husbands might be recessive in expressing their love openly but they are definitely dream husbands for their wives.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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