Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Who is better in the Kingdom? A Saudi woman or a female expat?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes expats from all around the globe to their land permitting them to work and allow them to earn better than in their own country. An expat isn’t a Saudi citizen, but within the Kingdom they must follow all the laws and regulations just as the Saudi citizens. When one ever compares the Saudi woman to a female expat in the Kingdom, what can they find? The first statement a Saudi citizen would pass is why would one ever compare them in the first place? Though, the obvious reason would only be understood by a Saudi woman.

One cannot describe what it feels like to be a Saudi woman. The Saudi men may brag about how obedient their women are. How well they are treated and given all the luxuries. There is no doubt that they are showered with unlimited bounties if afforded by her husband or father. The Saudi woman is called the queen within her home because that is exactly how she is pampered. Despite all of this, if one could ever think of comparing the two types of women found in the Kingdom, you would genuinely feel a lot sorry for the Saudi woman than the expat.

A female expat enters the Kingdom by the full support of a sponsor who is currently living within the Kingdom who takes full charge of her entry into the Kingdom. If compared to the Saudi woman, an expat is no different. The Saudi woman has to live in full accordance to her male mahram guardian. He could be the husband, brother, father, adult son (if a widow) or her father’s brother. She cannot leave the Kingdom without their consent. The Saudi woman cannot even drive. She cannot inherit until the guardian approves. She cannot even leave jail without her male guardian once she does her time. A Saudi woman cannot work and neither can she live her life freely if she has charges against her husband for abuse.

The government does not permit a Saudi woman to live her life without the consent of the male guardian. The Saudi male can be exclaimed as a puppet master by most of the speakers who debate on the rights of woman in the Kingdom. At least the female expat has the liberty to work, to leave the house for work when she must. She can contact her country’s embassy within the Kingdom if she has decided to lodge a complaint against her sponsor for mistreating her. That could allow her to lose her job, but will help her return back home safely.

Can the Saudi woman travel back to her family if not in the Kingdom? Perhaps not. She might as well be on her way to catch an international flight, but her husband logs onto the website and can change his wife’s travel status. So ask yourself, who is at better peace and better status?

Source: Al Arabiya

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