Monday, December 7, 2015

Who will stop traffic police from using cell phones while driving?

Traffic during rush hours is becoming a major issue in Saudi Arabia. Traffic police has the responsibility of controlling and regulating the traffic. A recent observation based on CCTV footages and other sources has highlighted the dilemma of traffic policemen using cellphone while they are performing their duty. The traffic police apparently present on the roads seems least bothered about what is happening in their surrounding as their busy using their mobile phones. As reported by a local driver who owns a taxi, He was unable to locate an address as he was new to the place and when he tried to ask for the directions from the Traffic police person, his effort went down the drain.

As the traffic police man was busy talking on his cellphone. He was so reluctant to inquire as the traffic police guy was so involved on his phone call. Instead of helping, the police men didn’t bother. Like others he left thinking that he will find someone else to help him locate the address. Many of the traffic police officers don’t even care if any accident takes place in their surroundings. They are busy in their own small talks and conversations. The traffic policemen need to understand their responsibility as the civilians face a lot of issue while they are driving on the road. It is obvious that Traffic police men are also human beings and they also have same needs and emotions like other people have.

They should carry mobile phones to deal with any sort of emergency situation at any time. But during their duty hours they should focus on the traffic and the surroundings. If the traffic regulators pay extra attention while standing on the road, there are lesser chances of chaos on the busy road. For better and improved regulation of the traffic more than one traffic police officer should be appointed on a busy road, especially during the office timings and school buses rush.

As shown in the videos captured by the surveillance camera that are placed along bridges, many traffic policemen were found busy on the phone as they were on duty. If the rule regulators bodies will display such immoral acts by not following the rules how they can expect improved response from drivers in return. The supervisors who are not available on duty should also be present on the road to supervise the traffic regulators. Due to mismanagement by the traffic police the drivers have to stand and wait in long rows blocking the entire road. This becomes a real problem for the people who are either travelling in ambulance facing some emergency condition.

Traffic police chief ordered all the supervisors to look into the matter as many complaints against the traffic policemen have been launched by citizens. He directed the supervisors to arrange workshop for the novice traffic policemen so that they can better understand their responsibilities. These steps taken by the Chief Officer will help to minimize problems for the citizens.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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