Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why C-Section cases increased by 67% in Saudi Arabia?

There has seen to be an increase in the C-sections in Saudi Arabia. According to several obstetricians and gynaecologists, caesarean sections have increased by 67% as compared to the previous year.  The reason of increasing number of caesarean as stated by the doctors was mainly due to  lack of movement by the mothers and also stated that government hospitals had very low caesarean rates as compared to private hospitals, were the percentage was seen to be doubled.  Out of the entire kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Makah was ranked first, Al-qurrayyat at the second place and then came the eastern province.  

There were around 262,000 births as registered in the ministry of health hospitals, out of which 27 percent births were caesarean deliveries and 73 percent were natural births.  Dr. Ahmed Marzouk, who was the head of department in the maternity section, said that the majority of the people believe that caesareans are carried out on doctors will. It is true however; caesareans are performed and suggested by doctors only when there is an increased risk of complications for both the mother and the infant.  However, Dr. Ahmed Marzouk stated that according to the official reports 2015 of the public hospitals, the main reason why caesareans are carried out is due to the lack of movement by the mothers due to which the position of the infant in the womb is as such that makes it almost impossible to carry out normal delivery.

He also insisted that the importance of exercising during pregnancy should be known to every mother to be, that would prevent them from having a caesarean section. However, majority of the doctors are convinced of the fact that due to unavailability of enough space to walk, most pregnant women do not move at all.  Caesareans are no longer linked with women’s choice since several embryos are seen at a sitting position that greatly reduces the chances of natural delivery by 90%.  Dr. Layla Abdul Razak, a very well-known gynaecologist said that the caesarean births are related how an infant is positioned in the foetus that is mainly due to the lack of movement by the mothers.

Caesareans are therefore, no longer a choice for many women, but are a necessity that is seen to be unavoidable. However, the threat that comes with it should be taken into account since it is medically proven and suggested that it is not suitable for mothers to undergo 3 or 4 caesareans, because of the complications that comes with it.

There should be special awareness programs throughout the kingdom to make the mothers realize about the importance of natural births along with guiding them to live a healthy pregnancy lifestyle that would reduce their chances of caesareans. Even though the chances of caesareans or natural birth depend upon the position of the foetus in the last term of pregnancy, mothers to be should take every possible measure that would give them a healthy baby through natural delivery.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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