Friday, December 4, 2015

Why don’t we hire hackers to improve digital security?

Over the years, in and around the world there have been extreme cases and news that keeps flashing the screens of our televisions and make it to the cover page of newspapers and magazines, highlighting incidents where the youth seems to amaze the masses by their extraordinary talents. Who hasn’t heard about the young Pakistani girl who is known around the globe as Malala Yousuf Zai who promotes the education for women and girls? Who has not heard about the young Muslim boy in the United States of America who at the young age of 13 made a digital clock out of scratch? Of course, we all have. That’s just the power of the media that keeps us in the loop with all the current and big happenings taking place around the world.

Amongst some of these headlines highlighted most in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was the story of a young Saudi by the name of Hazazi. This young man was not like the others. He was a hacker. What is ironic about this particular hacker is the fact that he did not hack into the Education Ministry website to for any of his personal gain, but because he wanted to give out a warning that how easy it could be for anyone to hack it and put the information of thousands of students is jeopardy. Hazazi might have already done what the education ministry thought was impossible for any man his age, but he had to make his point.

The young lad whose real name is Turki Omar masters hacking and gave out a warning to the Education Ministry telling them how weak the website was. They did not take any action and thought he was bluffing. Soon, Hazazi made a few clicks and types here and there and accessed the website within minutes. The education ministry did file charges against Hazazi, but they later dropped them since he did not add or remove anything from the website. Hazazi was asked to sign a written consent promising that he wouldn’t be involved in any such acts ever again.

It can be said that the offense might have been damaging the reputation of the Education Ministry, but they could have easily used the resources and talent of the young man to help them secure certain websites within the Kingdom that hold information of thousands of students. Hazazi could have become an asset for the Ministry just as the young hacker of America, Jordan Wiens hacked into the American Airlines booking website and helped get rid of a virus that could have proved to be very damaging for not only the airline, but also the passengers. In return, Jordan was awarded free air miles by the airlines.

Hackers might seem pretty dangerous, but it is not at all necessary that they are the culprits behind the digital crimes. It takes a hacker to take down a hacker. Perhaps that is what the Kingdom needs to start realizing and begin taking in help from the youth.

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