Friday, December 11, 2015

Why foreigners are annoyed by Saudi Visitors?

When one visits the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, no matter from what part of the world, they always feel welcomed. Despite the land being very new to them and the extreme change in cultures and religions, it still helps them groom in.  That is the life of the expats who enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for work. Apart from that, the pilgrims who come into the Kingdom to perform Hajj and Umrah also feel connected to the holy land automatically. This land gives them a spiritual sensation that they have never experienced before. It is so intense that they cannot describe it and when it’s time for them to return back home, they leave with a heavy heart.

Though, it is not easy for Saudis who visit abroad to say the same. Saudis love to travel and have a great taste for adventure, but perhaps they do not feel very welcomed within the countries they spend their money and time visiting. Often at times they don’t end up discovering the foreign city, but instead the thoughts of the foreign people that makes them aggressive and annoyed. It is important to keep intact that the foreigners do not a cold hand to the Saudis, but at times the questions that are thrown at the Saudis about them, their culture, their land and religion makes them very frustrated and annoyed.

There have been a lot of Saudis who visit abroad and come back complaining about the “annoying” foreigners who ask about the Kingdom as if it’s some terrorist or barren land that does not have any infrastructure or buildings, roads or modes of transport like the other developed countries of the world. At times answering such questions can prove to be entertaining. When a Saudi tells these foreigners that they have homes and cars despite living in a land that was built over a desert, they love it when their eyes pop open. Though, one should never be pushed to the extent where they burst or lash out even if the question is very common and not even offensive.

Most Saudis are rich, there is no doubt about that. The Kingdom has oil wells and gold mines, established buildings and brilliant infrastructure. Their women might have to wear abayas, but they follow fashion statements just as much as the women living in the United States or the United Kingdom. The Kingdom has people who might not be very rich and not all Saudis own an oil well. Despite the Kingdom being built over a desert, there are roads and no one rides camels as the foreigners think. Instead, they always keep themselves equipped with the latest models of cars and Audis.

It is true that Saudi Arabia might not be a very Islamic State, but it does not support terrorist activists either. There are certain mindsets that need to change which perhaps the media has emphasized most on establishing. It’ll be a general appeal to the foreigners to consider the Saudis as normal tourists and ensure that they have a happy trip visiting their country.

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