Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Will your city be underwater by 2100?

According to the rapidly changing natural structure and climate of world, the structural changes in countries have become crucial. Even the surface area of cities at different sea shores have changed due to increase in global warming. The time span of winters have become shorter as compare to past and is going to increase further due to increase in pollution of world environment. This global warming and greenhouse effect has led glaciers to melt and run the water down to seas. Overflowed seas have become a major threat for whole world and scientist have clearly warned that after few years, many cities of world will be under water due to rapid increase in melting glaciers. Not just seas, oceans and canals will also be overflowed up to 7 meters by 2100 according to new data from a study published this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The major threat is pointed out to Middle East and North African regions.

Following cities of world are suspected to be under water by 2100
  1. Morocco: Casablanca and Mohammedia are going to bear severe consequences of global warming. 
  2. Saudi Arabia: The beauty of Jeddah city will be ruined by water flooding according to geologists.
  3. Bahrain: The Bridge between KSA and Bahrain will be drowned along with almost half mass of Whole country.
  4. Qatar: The most expensive bridge Qatar has made as link between East and West of Doha will also be drowned completely.
  5. United Arab Emirates: Palm Island of Dubai is serving outside citizens right now but it is suspected that soon it will have to create under water zone for its visitors as it is at the high risk of getting underwater by 2100. Abu Dhabi from UAE is also in the same list.
  6. Oman: Muscat has also received threats regarding drowning inside water.
  7. Kuwait: Bubiun island is just a guest are in Kuwait as it will not be any more till 2100, the same is going to be happen with Al Zawr. 
  8. Iraq and Iran: The three areas between three countries which are lined to each other in Iraq, Kuwait and Iran will be under water by 2100 as well.
  9. Algeria: The Algiers Bay is also at the hit point of Glaciers which are desperate to ruin its identity.
  10. Tunisia: The suspicion related to Carthage’s and Tunis for getting drowned in water is comparatively less than Morocco and Algeria but it exists anyhow.
  11. Libya: Tripoli is the only area in Libya which will be under water among so many other regions of Middle East and Africa.
  12. Egypt: Alexandria and other areas located at Northern Coast would have to pay consequences of global warming.
  13. Lebanon: The second largest city of Lebanon will be impacted by melting glaciers majorly besides it, ritzy downtown are of Beirut and Bourj Hammoud will also be drowned inside water
  14. Syria: The major coastal areas of Syria are also to be submerged by 2100 according to geologists.
  15. Turkey: The resident of Adana would not be able to visit the sea side for long term as that side is suspected to be under sea by the impact of global warming.
Source: The Guardian

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