Sunday, December 13, 2015

Young women involved in blackmailing men and extorting money

The headline would have obviously made your eyes pop or caused you to think over the subject of this blog. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the centers of Islam and such news coming in about how Saudi women are involved in blackmail cases happening within the Kingdom. Over the past few years, there has been a certain outbreak of blackmail cases where the women are a leading role. It seems very odd since the women of the Kingdom are not allowed to mingle around with the males of society. They are often bound to stay at home and are not allowed to drive or work. Then how are these women behind such cases?  Blackmailing is the term associated with gaining or attaining something that they cannot have otherwise unless certain people threaten to expose, reveal or damage something belonging to the person they are blackmailing.

The blackmailer does whatever in their power and tries to exploit the weakness of the person they wish to steal from. For this, a lot of time and effort has to be put in. It’s very important that the blackmailer knows exactly when to strike. Sometimes cases can go to certain extremes where there may be kidnappings involved or threats imposed over the lives of loved ones.  Blackmailing causes a lot of damage to the person who is being subjected. They fear that not only will their secrets be exposed, but they will lose their respect and fame within society. They will be victimized to taunts and mocks and if their past crimes will be opened, they might also have to go to jail.

Under article 3 of the Criminal Law, if anyone is found blackmailing they will be sent to jail or charged SR 500,000 or perhaps both if the person has posted an audio or video trying to defame a person. Despite all these laws, it is quite shocking to hear that women are driving the steering wheel of this crime.

According to specialists who are carefully examining the spread and rise of this crimes, the reason that women are beginning to lose their minds is because their families are not monitoring properly. The lack of Islamic sentiments within these women is another cause. One cannot tell whether the internet is also equally responsible. There are others who hold Blackberry the source of all of this. Through the internet, you can access into any one’s life and try to dig through their past just by mastering the art of hacking. Punch in a few codes here and there, you’ll probably have access to all the files you need dating from the man’s birth to the present day.

It is extremely important that such women be stopped. Blackmailing is no way to get things they cannot achieve otherwise. These women do not only put their name at shame but also their families and entitling other women to be blamed for their crimes as well.

Source: Arab News

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