Saturday, January 2, 2016

12 Things Only Pakistanis Who Live in Saudi Arabia Will Understand

For every Pakistani who wishes to live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he must follow a certain set of policies that can ensure his stay there. Often the Pakistanis that move to the Kingdom come in as expats and hence leave their families behind in their home country. However, if you are to analyze the number of Pakistanis living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia alone, you will be startled. There are around 1,600,000 Pakistanis that have taken up room in the Kingdom and according to many of them, they are quite happy with their experience here. They are not only offered jobs, but also given privileges that ensure their security in a foreign country. Though, if you are a Pakistani and living inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia there are 12 things that you can easily relate to. There are 12 things that every Pakistani has to hear by either the Saudis or your family back home.

  1. No matter how long you’ve been living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you’ll have to dismiss every thought of ever getting a Saudi Nationality. Unlike the United Kingdom where Pakistanis are entitled to a nationality after years, the case is utterly different within Saudi Arabia. Similarly, you’re never going to own your own house either. These are one of the few things that will keep giving you a reality check that you’re an outsider no matter how long you’ve stayed in the Kingdom.
  2. Despite everything, your Iqama game is very strong and firm. Still if you ever fail to return back to the Kingdom for a period lasting longer than 6 months, you’re going to have to say goodbye to it. The government will not entertain any of your reasons, no matter how serious of valid they may be.
  3. You are often dazzled and surprised by how strict the policies and rules are within the Kingdom. The laws are just and have to be followed by everyone, no matter the rich or the poor. They can forget that they will get away with a violation like they often did in Pakistan. When you’re living on Saudi land, you’re entitled to all the privileges along with all the punishments if need be.
  4. Since the Kingdom is a built over a desert, you’ll be expecting more sand storms than rain. Back in Pakistan, you only had dust storms every once in a few years, but in the Kingdom they will come to you a lot often! So slowly and gradually, you’ll just grow immune to them.
  5. As mentioned earlier, the weather is extremely hot but hurray! Electricity is so cheap that you’ll find every corner installed with an air conditioner.
  6. People there won’t be able to differentiate you with Indians.
  7. You would rather get yourself a Ph.D. than a driving license. If you’re a woman, you’ll doubt getting either.
  8. You’ll feel abandoned if you are around people speaking Arabic fluently.
  9. If you ever come across another Pakistani, you’ll love talking to them.
  10. For Arabs, everything is about brands and money. You’ll just be wondering how rich they are.
  11. Perks of living in the Kingdom include performing Hajj and Umrah very easily.
  12. When you visit Pakistan, you’ll be asked to bring tons of chocolates, Vaseline, Lays, Olive oil and body lotions.
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