Wednesday, January 13, 2016

26 Complaints lodged against Porm Websites during 2015

As reported by Al-Watan, The Ministry of justice has taken note of 26 cases setting up pormographic websites during the previous year. Due to globalization, it is very important to keep check and balance of the content available on internet for both adults and teenagers. Despite of knowing the dangers and disadvantages associated with the porm websites, the people, especially adults can easily have access to these websites in KSA. The concerned authorities have exerted all their efforts to block the pormographic websites but the recent launched cases depict the helplessness of the state and its role to block such perverted websites.

According to sources, seven cases were launched in the Eastern province, eight in Madinah and five cases in Riyadh. Two cases were also reported in Asir, three in Qassim and one was recorded in the areas near to northern border. The government and the related authorities have clearly mentioned that setting up any pormographic website will be considered as the violation of the information criminal law. Recent surveys revealed that 267 violations were recorded in Eastern province all alone, 135 violations in Makkah, 47 violations in Riyadh, 35 in Madinah, 23 in Asir, 11 in Hail, 12 in Qassim, 5 in the northern border and collectively  38 violations were reported by the other provinces.

KSA follows a very stern policy against the launching of any pormographic content on internet. According to sources, the main reason behind this policy is to protect the culture and Islamic values .The kingdom has introduced certain software that serve the purpose of blocking the gambling and porm websites. A local daily Arabic newspaper added that many people were caught red handed while distributing pormographic material on websites and were taken to task by the authorities. Khalid Abu Rashid, a lawyer, tells that the citizens are not well informed about the laws of information crime. They are not aware of the violations of using the internet therefore the rate of cybercrimes is accelerating day by day.

Since the residents of the kingdom are ignorant as they lack knowledge about the laws of information crime, many don’t take it seriously. Due to lack of awareness the citizens find it very easy to get access to pormographic websites by hook or crook. He explained that most of the major violations of the law are committed through the social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Abu Rashid said that any person using any social media platform to publish unethical content causes violation of the law of information, cannot be retracted once it is published.

He points out that the government should design advertisements or media campaigns focusing on the implementation of the law of Information crimes. It is very substantial for the citizens to know about the violations of the cyber laws and violations associated with prohibited activities. A set of guidelines and a policy should be introduced for the internet users to inform them about the rules and regulation related to cyber law violation.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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