Monday, January 25, 2016

6 Latest Technology Trends of 2017 in Saudi Arabia

As we seem to be further involved in the technological advancements that are empowering the world we live in, the needful must be done and new thoughts shall rise above and take shape to help us. With the evolution of technology, one of the most aspiring gadgets man has a grip around remains a cellular device. From owning the simple handset that only allowed you to make necessary voice calls within a certain parameter, extreme work, and innovative ideas have crossed all boundaries and have now given us the use of smartphones. Not only have they become highly useful, but have become a necessity rather than just an asset.

Over the year, the use of smartphones has gained widespread recognition around the globe. The main purpose of the smartphone is how it allows individuals to stay connected through not only voice calls and text messages, but also utilizes the internet benefiting the life of man and making their jobs a whole lot easier and quicker than before. With the use of the internet and strong emergence of the smartphone series, also sprung up the use and installation of mobile applications that help us counterpart the world of fun and business. It gives us the connectivity with both worlds. Ericsson, which deals with technology evolution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has come up with the top consumer trends which remain as follows;

  1. The use of applications hasn’t become an option, but rather a need. People would spend extras of thousands if the smartphone offers compatibility to the top engrossing applications and their installations. Without these apps, the smartphones fail to serve their purpose.
  2. People want their body to open up their phones, to strengthen their privacy. While most sites ask for long passwords with a mixture of numbers and upper/lower case, people want their smartphone to be equipped with biometric fingerprinting unlock features. Only a 48% of people would opt for eye-recognition to unlock their cellular device.
  3. The Saudis now want internet everywhere. Whether they are at the comfort of their home, or in a public park. They want to enjoy the bounties of the internet at all times.
  4. Smartphones have reduced the digital divide. The term digital divide was common before the build-up of cheaper smartphones. 51% of the people recognize their mobile phone as their most prized device, even if it cheap, but grants them full liberty of using the internet.
  5. With the growing use of the internet to a regular basis, 56% of the people now remain concerned about their privacy. For these people, they remain cautious over the information they type out.
  6. Most of the Saudi video streaming culture engrosses because of what our friends have watched. Nearly 38% of the people have said that they watch a particular video several times a week that were recommended by their friends. Similarly, they would tune into music or a blog because they were recommended to.
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