Monday, January 11, 2016

Development work is carried on the cost of Green Trees in Saudi Arabia

If you have had the chance to experience and see the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over a period of years, you could easily relate to the fact of how much it has transformed itself over the decades. The land that was entirely a barren desert now functions as a magnificent country with architecture and infrastructure so unique and beautiful, even countries like the United Kingdom and the United States cannot help but awe at the manifestos. Perhaps this is one of the great things that the Saudis are proud of. They have transformed the barren lands and deserts into concrete and cemented lands and pavements. Instead of using camels, now they can use any Audi or car they wish to.

Though, it shouldn’t be ignored of how most of the motorists feel. They aren’t very happy with the projects that are going on within the Kingdom. Sure, the government and other related ministries have been trying their best to provide a modern infrastructure to the roadsides of the Kingdom, but maybe that is not what the people really need. If there is one thing that can automatically uplift the mood of a person is when he is most close to nature. Greenery is sometimes all anyone needs. While they stroll through the park, an argument that has heated them up will cool down just by taking in some fresh and cool air. What we lack in Kingdom now is this very greenery. What cannot be understood is why the related ministries do not plant trees instead of concreting and cementing the roadsides of the bridges and streets?

What they should really be doing is planting trees that will not only give a fresh and lively view to the roads and streets of the Kingdom but also help to give a pleasant atmosphere and environment. The trees would help to keep the soil firmly and also provide shade and minimize the great heat in the Kingdom. That is perhaps more important than cemented pathways and roadsides. A few years ago, there were many afforestation projects which have now disappeared with the saying that the trees are hazardous and toxic.

They have asthma and allergies along with other diseases. Who wouldn’t like to wake up to a view of greenery? Now, we wake up to find that the little greenery that was left is disappearing too. Development in the Kingdom is now carried just on the cost of these green trees. That isn’t something to be proud off.

The effects may not be seen now, but in a few years from now there shall be other dust allergies that will prevail more in number. What is quite good to see is that there is a private youth group of Saudis who are planting trees in the cities of Zulfi, Qasim and Riyadh. They started off with streets and parks and now have reached certain roadsides alongside bridges and interchanges.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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