Friday, January 8, 2016

Driving dangerously does not prove “You’ve got balls”

Accident ratio in KSA has risen to significantly dangerous level which has led to multiple deaths each day. The statistics of casualties in Kingdom are incredible and will leave you surprised. Everyday more than 20 people die in road accidents which makes a cumulative figure of 7,100 annually. If we see in the context of per person ratio, 23 people out of each 100,000 die every year. The rate of injuries is way far more than casualties which often results in lifetime disability of victims. According to traffic authorities, 39,000 people are injured on average every year which further results in deaths and lifetime disabilities. These huge numbers of deaths and casualties result from road accidents not from any kind of war or bombing attacks.

A Saudi Researcher Dr. Eid Al-Yahya, has found a comparison between vehicles and camels in KSA. It is a common perception that people feel so proud of their vehicles and try to boost their vehicle specifications on road. Qassimi dialect is the most liked way of people to show their vehicles to others on roads. There are millions of people in Saudi graves who have lost their lives due to careless driving of others on roads.  It is ancient history of Arabs that they used to boost about their camels and the same trend has continued by modern Arabs. These days’ people boost about their expensive and branded cars and try to show others on roads that they are superior to them for having a costly piece of technology.

This mindset has become so common in KSA and has resulted in fatalities of millions of people. It is not carelessness or unawareness of traffic rules, it is about psychology of drivers how they boost about their cars and wealth. They love their cars so much and consider that rash driving won’t hurt them, but in reality it not only costs their lives but also cause damage to other people as well. The comparison has done perfectly by research and the mindset has fairly depicted the root cause of Saudi drivers.

During my service at a hospital, I attended so many injury cases which were admitted to ER who were affected in road accidents while showing their expertise and fearless behavior. But when they get hurt, they don’t even think about how people will think about their coward attitude and fearful moaning which they do during their medical treatment. Even pregnant women show more courage and bravery than these young chicks who show fearless behavior on roads.

Those young boys who normally consider these road stunts as sign of manhood, can’t even hold the manhood for a second when get hurt or injured. If these boys can’t show same kind of courage in ER units, they should not indulge themselves in dangerous stunts which they can’t handle. They not only risk their lives in such activities but also put other lives in danger due to their insane acts.

Source: Saudi Gazette
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