Sunday, January 17, 2016

Electronic Chips to be injected in Camels in Saudi Arabia

When you think about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are lot things that come to your mind. For starters, let’s talk about the fact that palm trees and deserts. Then you’ll think of the Saudi men dressed in white and women in black. How can one forget the extreme climate and camels? Today, we’ll focus merely on the camels. These absolutely beautiful animals were the main mode of transportation within the Kingdom because of two reasons. One of them was that it could easily walk on the desert landscape while the other was that camels can go days without water! Hence, it’s always been a culture for Saudis to have camels in their possession. What has changed over the years is that camels are now used only in the village and urban areas.

Camels are now being installed with microchips that will act not only as trackers but will have information regarding their breed and their country of importation. Through this method and process, it’ll be easier to track down the origination of many diseases and viruses, preventing from an epidemic. One of the major epidemics that have been found in most camels is the coronavirus. The government of Saudi Arabia has suggested the plan and after several conferences with the related authorities, all necessary plans will be implemented.  This is a huge process that would firstly require the production of these silicon chips. The major concern relies on the use of the programme that would help keep record and track of all the camels within the Kingdom.

This new plan also focuses on many of the wild animals within the Kingdom. The government of Saudi Arabia will work together with the Ministry of Health and the Food and Agriculture Organization under the United Nations (FAO) which will conduct a full investigation and extensive examination of all the animals within the Kingdom to prevent an outbreak of disease.

What’s most important is that camel meat is highly common amongst the Arabs and is greatly enjoyed. Hence, if fed the infected meat could prove to be fatal. The government along with the two ministries situated in the United States of America has begun work and the results of the plans will be caught up with in the near time. It can be hoped that the government of Saudi Arabia would be successful in such a massive operation.

Source: Al Arabiya

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