Monday, January 11, 2016

Fake Sexual Assault Allegations against Saudi – Woman is criminally charged

The law is there to protect the rights and integrity of all the citizens of earth. Albeit each country / region and its respective citizens conform to a specific set of laws and regulations which can differ in accordance to the region and / or the religion which is in the majority in those respective regions / countries. As good and evil both exist in this world, those who are victims to evil / criminal people can rely on the justice system of their respective country to allow them the justice that they deserve. Crimes can be of several natures / types and there are specific laws for each of them, however there are certain areas of crime which are often regarded as grey areas.

Furthermore there are also those people who take advantage of certain laws and regulations in the legal system in order to extort any other person or to tarnish their reputation or image and thus cause them damage. Now taking advantage of the legal system to commit crimes like extortion and slandering / defamation may not be as common as other forms of blue and white collar crimes, however they do exist and the following incident will prove it to you. Reports are emerging that criminal charges have been filed against two attorneys and their female client for falsifying a claim that a son of a Saudi sheikh had sexually assaulted her. It is said that the female had done so in order to extort an exuberant amount of $15 million. The statement was made by the Los Angeles County prosecutors.

The three named Joseph Gerard Cavallo, Leyla Ors and Emanuel Karl Hudson have been charged with conspiracy to extort, attempted extortion, conspiracy to obstruct justice and conspiracy to receive bribe. Leyla Ors has been also charged with offering to receive bribe. German national, Ors had told police that Thamer Albalwi, 23, son of Sheik Monsur Albbalwi had raped her. The Sheik is reportedly one of the wealthiest men in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In accordance to her allegations, visible injuries and a physical examination, Albalwi who was a junior at the time was arrested on 4 counts of sexual assault. A few months into the case, Hudson, 58, called the Sheik and told him if he paid $15 million then Ors would not testify against the young boy and stated that “the case would be over”. On the exact same day Cavallo, also 58, called up the sheik and demanded a larger amount of $20 million and also stated that a Swiss bank account would be opened up to complete the transaction.

The attorneys are currently out on bail, while Ors is still in custody. If they are convicted they could be facing 4 years in prison. The Albalwi family attorneys stated that this was an international extortion scheme against the Albalwi family. Thamer also issued a statement saying he had prayed for the truth to come out and it did thanks to the American justice system.

Source: Al Arabiya

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