Friday, January 22, 2016

How I got on arrival visa for newly born baby from Toronto, Canada Airport

I have already shared some experiences and procedure to get on arrival visa for the newly born baby to Saudi Arabia. You can read into the experience already shared by one of our readers in this link “Bringing Newly Born Baby on Arrival Visa to Saudi Arabia”. However, in this experience our reader of the blog SZ explains about the procedure to get on arrival visa at Toronto, Canada Airport.

Hello every one, I have been a silent reader of this post for some time and benefited from experience of others. I had newborn less than 2 months old & recently my family arrived from Toronto, Canada and obtained Visa on arrival. I booked Saudi airline direct flight from Toronto to KSA. I was not part of travel. The staff at the counter asked my family about passports and ERE visa of my kids and infant. Family just told them "new born and visa will be issued in KSA". She contacted her office and asked wife if mother has iqama. She did not insist to see iqama nor verified ERE visas and issued boarding passes.

All this took less than a minute. I guess they were already aligned but just wanted to re-confirm with their office.  In KSA there we no questions, when family approached immigration counter, the guy was "freshie" and directed them to office just beside his cabin where gentleman processed visa in 15 mines. I advised my family to give copy of my iqama if he asks any details of "BABA". No verbal communication of details.  On passport page he wrote two numbers. 1- Border number, 2- Visa number and they were good to leave airport.

There is no official Visa on Arrival policy for infant. Just like other laws in KSA its all verbal and down to interpretation of airlines and local immigration staff in KSA. One should not waste time in asking airlines counters and agents about confirmation of Visa on Arrival. They will go by books!!! If you want to adopt this method, I would recommend using Saudi airlines only. There will be no problem on arrival. Otherwise get visa from embassy, normally it gets issued in couple of days maximum. Recommended: Bringing Newly Born Baby to Saudi Arabia

Steve’s Recommendation: I would recommend each and every person intending to get on arrival visa for his newly born baby at Saudi Airport to bring Polio Immunization Certificate from Home Country. They require it from the nationals of some countries.

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