Monday, January 4, 2016

Kaba’s Key is in the custody of Othman’s Family since Prophet’s S.A.W time

The Kaa’bah is the House of Allah and hold significant importance in the entire Muslim world. It is this world that allows us Muslim to worship the one Allah even more and profound gratitude. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W entrusted and handed over keys of the Kaa’bah to Sahabi Hazrat Othman bin Talha R.A. Despite the fact that there were a lot of people who came to the Prophet S.A.W and showed a keen interest in safeguarding the key, he entrusted Othman.

The Key to Ka'aba is still in the family of Othman R.A. and his lineage son’s carry the duty till date. The key of the Kaa’bah is used only twice a year once during the month of Moharram and the other on the first day of Sha’baan. The families of Othman are now known as the Sadins. This name is entitled to anyone who is the keeper of the Kaa’bah’s key. Sadins originally belong to the Al-Shaibi family who can be traced long before the Islamic period came to existence. While the Prophet S.A.W was still alive and well, his companion Abdullah bin Abbas who was also in charge of the Zamzam well, asked the Prophet S.A.W to entrust him with the responsibility of the key keeping of the Kaa’bah.

The Prophet S.A.W politely refused and gave the job to his companion Othman bin Talha R.A in the hope that he deserves the responsibility more than anyone else. He did that by telling Abdullah bin Abbas R.A that Surah an Nisa tells them to return the trusts to that who they are due to and that is when he took the key to the grandfather of Othman, Talha. The key is therefore in possession of the senior of the family and is currently with Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Shaibi.

It’s worth noting that earlier, the Kaa’bah was opened twice every week, once on Monday and the next on Thursday. Now it has been minimized to only twice a year for washing. This washing is a holy ceremony and is attended by ambassadors of Islamic countries, Islamic officials and consuls and guests of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

During this, the Kaa’bah is washed with Zamzam, rosewater, and oud. Supplications and prayers are also made to ask Allah for his forgiveness and guide the Muslims on the right path.

Source: Arab News

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