Thursday, January 14, 2016

King Salman in 1 Year – 10 major Milestones Achieved

King Salman since his first day has been contributing his part very well for betterment of Saudi nation. Many positive changes in almost all sectors of economy and political structures have been made for a better Kingdom.
  1. One of the most awaited moments was nomination of crown prince which is a very sensitive matter. It not only means a lot for royal family but also has grave impact on future of Kingdom. The newly appointed crown prince, Prince Muhammad Bin Naif is a very good addition in second generation leadership. Being so young Prince Muhammad bin Naif seems the best candidate as future King. He is also deputy premier and minister of interior and has already been contributing a lot in betterment of Kingdom.
  2. Along with this appointment, Prince Muhammad Bin Salman has been appointed as deputy crown prince. He is also second deputy premier and also minister of defense authorities.
  3. Saudi cabinet has gone through radical changes recently. There are many new ministers appointed and several committees have abolished. The appointment of young princes on important ministries has reshuffled fuel in efficient cabinet. Young leadership better understands contemporary needs and wants of youth.
  4. Saudi King has abolished many types of council which were irrelevant and not working properly. 12 committees have also abolished and replaced by new councils with better perspectives and tasks to be achieved in current year. The new councils which have formed are Council of Political and Security affairs. The purpose of this council is to create political awareness among nation and to facilitate them with fool proof security. Council of Economic and Development affairs has formed by demolishing many other types of council which were working on the same area. The basic agenda of this council is to devise suitable policies for promoting development in economic sector of KSA.
  5. Saudi Cabinet has decided to help Yemen as President Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi requested so. For this purpose two operations have to be initiated. Operation Restoration of Hope and Operation Decisive Storm will take part in order to help Yemen during phase of crisis. Recommended: Saudi Iqama for 1 million Yemeni Refugees – Salute to King Salman
  6. King Salman has established a Humanitarian Aid and relief center. The purpose of this center is to provide humanitarian and relief activities to the external parties where help is needed. It also aims at creating co-ordination among governmental and non-governmental agencies working inside KSA.
  7. It has also been emphasized by King Salman that all Gulf States should contribute in order to create unity. Arab countries need to work together on agenda to cope up with terrorism threats from outside and inside criminals.
  8. It has also been resolved that Saudi Arabia will stand besides Syrians during critical time of Syria. Since now, KSA has provided political and humanitarian aid of worth $700 to Syrian victims. The humanitarian aids provided include food, health and clinical facilities. KSA till now have provided free education to more than 100,000 Syrian students. Recommended: Free Education to 3,000 Syrian Students in Saudi Arabia – Salute to King Salman
  9. Saudi Arabia has planned to setup a join operation center in Riyadh. This center will help in co-ordination of military operation based on alliance of more than 34 nations of Islamic countries.
  10. When no one was there to help Muslims of Burma, King Salman stepped forward and announced that free iqama will be given to our Muslims brothers and Sisters of Burmese nationality. Recommended: Saudi Iqama for 4 Million Burmese – Salute to King Salman!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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