Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No more Hidden Saher Cameras in Saudi Arabia – Traffic Police

For anyone who has visited or resided in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia one thing is for certain, they will all be aware of the love for automobiles which is present in the Saudi people. I have written about the love for cars possessed by Saudis numerous times in previous related articles and even those who haven’t read those pieces will know that the love extends over sedans, SUVs and luxury sports cars. With the love of cars, subsequently comes the love or the act of speeding and driving around in dangerous speeds. This is one of the most pressing issues faced by the people of Saudi Arabia with the death tolls due to traffic accidents at an all time high.

To help curb this, an official at the directorate general of the traffic stated that the Saher cameras will no longer be concealed any more. These Saher cameras are part of an automated system designed to manage traffic across most major cities in the Kingdom. The traffic official who wished not to be named stated that this system will be operated under different ways from now on. Currently or previously these cameras and monitoring vehicles used to be hidden under the bridges or behind trees, out of sight of drivers. These cameras will now be installed in clear sight of the speeding drivers and all other motorists. The objective however is not to hunt the drivers in order to fine them as punishment rather the traffic department is largely concerned with reducing the number of traffic accidents which take place usually due to violations such as speeding.

The Ministry of Interior has taken control of the operation of this system. Previously three private companies operated these cameras. The unnamed official has stated that there would now be fixed and highly visible radars and cameras on the side of the roads. Motorists should not be on the lookout for cameras on the road. He added that the traffic police department will be fixing the cameras fixed along the roads in different regions and will also be erecting a sign board with a warning of the Saher camera.

The primary objective is to increase the efficiency of drivers in driving under the speed limit, and to not annoy or disturb motorists with hidden cameras. The official also stated that the traffic police would be also increase the number of watching eyes to their fullest extent. The primary objective however still remains to instill a culture of safe driving, contrary to the current culture of speeding.

The official also asked media houses to highlight the role of Saher and spread the message of safe driving. He stated that since we cannot change the mindset of people in an instant, they need to be enlightened and educated about efficient and best driving methods. The management of the Saher system has been handed over to the Interior Ministry and will be complete in a period of two months during which the management will also take in around 4000 employees from the previous companies.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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