Sunday, January 10, 2016

Patient Died due to negligence as Hospital Hides condition of Cancer Patient for 5 Years

At the Directorate of Jeddah Health Affairs, the Department of Technical Monitoring has appointed a committee to investigate a case in which a family alleges that the patient suffering from acute cancer was kept uninformed about his poor condition for previous five years. The family came up very furiously while launching the complaint and a formal report against the hospital management. As stated by the directorate spokesperson, the committee has already started working on the assigned task as they have collected all valuable data and files from the hospital record and management. The patient’s son has also provided the committee with the details needed in the investigation process. He also added that experts are also told to restudy and review the case with greater determination.

Abdullah-Al-Johar, the patient’s son, while addressing to a local newspaper, told that his father  Mohammed bin Suleiman was declared dead on Monday morning as he was receiving his treatment in a private hospital in Jeddah. He added that his father was suffering from severe cancer and the hospital hides this news from the entire family. He blames the hospital for not providing the desirable treatment to his father as his father was fighting cancer. He condemned the hospital for their negligent treatment. He added that if the hospital has disclosed the news earlier the appropriate treatment at right time could have saved his father.

He said that the family has decided to file a case against the hospital. Wael Jawharji, the family’s legal advisor and lawyer has already made the arrangement for all the necessary proceedings required for the court session. He has taken into account the words of the doctors and the hospital management who were employed for the treatment of the victim. He will expedite the case once all the legal procedures are carried out. According to him the hospital violated number of laws. Article 10 and 11 related to the regulations for health establishments were violated including article 17 and 22 entitle to transfer the medical files and documents to the forensic medical committee to restudy the responsibility of the private health establishment.

After reviewing the hospital’s previous record, the lawyer concluded that the same hospital was previously accused of ill-treating another serious patient. It was accused as the young man died because of their poor negligence. The record reveals that the hospital has already been involved in such cases where they were accused previously also. The lawyer, as the spokesperson of the cancer patient family, said that the family has invested all their efforts to pursue the case lodged against the private hospital. They want justice as the hospital did not disclose the news of the person suffering from cancer.

This news went viral on social media and everyone is looking forward to hear the court’s verdict against the private hospital. The directorate of the health affairs in Jeddah has also contacted the family to inquire about the details related to hospital’s negligence in the treatment of the cancer patient

Source: Arab News

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